Think: "How are you?" and "How are you?"

I bet you've searched for a difference between the two questions in the title. Maybe you even reread the words, in case you missed something.
I can tell you: No, you didn't and no, there is no difference. Not on the surface, but in their meaning.

Lately I've been noticing how much it puts me down when people talk to me with a rude or angry undertone. I'm not even talking of people I know, I'm talking of folks in general, the ones you're confronted with when you're out in town, doing some shopping, going to appointments or else. Obviously nobody is a sunshine every day, but I find it unfair to be treated like that when clearly I'm not the reason for their resentment.
On the other hand, meeting people who are laid-back and walking past strangers who give me a smile is really uplifting. It's heart-balm to me to come across friendly faces. I feel like the world these days is cold when it comes to daily encounters with others. You say what needs to be said, you do what the unwritten rules of politeness require and that's about it.

I guess that's where smalltalk was born. Generally, there's nothing wrong with the idea of it. Who would want to talk about their issues with somebody they've just met?
Somehow, a simple "How are you?" seems to have found its way too being used as a pick-up question for a little conversation. Nobody wants to genuinely know how you really are, they seem to be secretely hoping for an answer like "I'm fine, thanks" which allows them to move on to their actual point of conversation.

The reason why I think so?
Because it's really easy these days to trick somebody, saying "I'm fine, you?" whilst not looking like a content human being. Quite a simple way of figuring out if the person actually cares about the answer or if they're just being averagely nice because they will either notice your mimic or move on the another question.
At least they'll notice if you're not into acting and deceiving others.

These kind of observations happen whenever I don't have anything to occupy myself with and get to spend more time in my thoughts than is healthy for me, haha. Luckily, my work experience starts tomorrow and I won't have to worry about being bored for the next five months.

Have a snap of today's sundown :)


Explore: A Day in Mainhattan

Recently, I went to Frankfurt to drop off my best friend at the airport and then meet up with another friend in the city centre. I've never been there before, so I guess I can say that I threw myself in cold water. The only map I had was a tube map. (Okay, I did have an actual street map but who wants to come across as a tourist?)

In the end, I don't regret spending a day in this metropolis at all. I would even say that I didn't get the typical "tourist experience" since I had a guide who's grown up there. He showed me places I wouldn't have gone to - or discovered - if I had been on my own. After visiting the palm garden, we went to a lovely café in the middle of the city, yet it was really cosy due to the various types of benches and chairs that added up to a very warm and relaxed atmosphere. (And the waffles were really nice!;) Then there was a minigolf set-up in a shopping arcade. The gist of that for me is: "Always go as far towards the sky as you get." To make it more clear: Always explore the upper floors because you might find the most interesting shops (or minigolf places) up there.
Last but not least he's shown me one of his favourite bars and to wrap it up, we had dinner in an Asian restaurant situated in a residential quarter. Asian food has never tasted as good before.

I definitely want to return to Frankfurt some day, maybe even study there because the University is really modern and interesting (There are elevators who constantly spin from the ground to the top and back - in case you're bored, you might as well hop on one and stay there until you've gone through the roof and through the cellar before you hop off again. You shouldn't suffer from claustrophobia though...). The only thing capable to creep an unknowing visitor out may be the dozens of Goethes in several colours who sit in the grass in front of the main entrance. Someone who doesn't know better would think they were your average garden gnomes.

 For more impressions, click here.

Advise: Personalize your Timer so that you never mix it up with others again

I have to admit, I probably wouldn't have started this little project if I wasn't as bored as I am right now. I had my wisdom teeth removed last week and I'm still looking like a hamster with yellow cheeks, so going out isn't really appealing to me.

Also, I wanted to get rid of some fashion magazines from 2011 and '12, they were taking up way too much space on my shelves - place I need for books (because I can't control my drive to buy new books, it's got some kind of weird satisfaction for me).

Long story short, I dragged the magazines out, made a mess of paper snips, glue and pictures in my room and started decorating a timer I got from the bank. I customized some pages, I'm not a student anymore so I replaced the pages with formulas and geography facts with squarred sheets for notes or else.

Of course a bit of jelly had to accompany my hard work ;)

I don't know about you, but I love having my notebooks or timers to look more like mine. At the same time, these bits and bobs are inspiring to me and I feel like they set free more creative thoughts than a plain planner would :)