Think: "How are you?" and "How are you?"

I bet you've searched for a difference between the two questions in the title. Maybe you even reread the words, in case you missed something.
I can tell you: No, you didn't and no, there is no difference. Not on the surface, but in their meaning.

Lately I've been noticing how much it puts me down when people talk to me with a rude or angry undertone. I'm not even talking of people I know, I'm talking of folks in general, the ones you're confronted with when you're out in town, doing some shopping, going to appointments or else. Obviously nobody is a sunshine every day, but I find it unfair to be treated like that when clearly I'm not the reason for their resentment.
On the other hand, meeting people who are laid-back and walking past strangers who give me a smile is really uplifting. It's heart-balm to me to come across friendly faces. I feel like the world these days is cold when it comes to daily encounters with others. You say what needs to be said, you do what the unwritten rules of politeness require and that's about it.

I guess that's where smalltalk was born. Generally, there's nothing wrong with the idea of it. Who would want to talk about their issues with somebody they've just met?
Somehow, a simple "How are you?" seems to have found its way too being used as a pick-up question for a little conversation. Nobody wants to genuinely know how you really are, they seem to be secretely hoping for an answer like "I'm fine, thanks" which allows them to move on to their actual point of conversation.

The reason why I think so?
Because it's really easy these days to trick somebody, saying "I'm fine, you?" whilst not looking like a content human being. Quite a simple way of figuring out if the person actually cares about the answer or if they're just being averagely nice because they will either notice your mimic or move on the another question.
At least they'll notice if you're not into acting and deceiving others.

These kind of observations happen whenever I don't have anything to occupy myself with and get to spend more time in my thoughts than is healthy for me, haha. Luckily, my work experience starts tomorrow and I won't have to worry about being bored for the next five months.

Have a snap of today's sundown :)

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