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If you're from Germany you might know that the 12th International Fireworks Festival called "Flammende Sterne" (which translates to "Flaming Stars" as you could probably guess) has taken place in Ostfildern this weekend.
The festivity started on Friday with the fireworks by Dubai, went on on Saturday with Costa Rica's performance and found it's closure on Sunday when Germany competed.

My parents, my best friend and I went there on Sunday (because we didn't have any time on the other two days) and I have to say, I was terrified in the beginning. I had absolutely no idea how many people I was going to face, how big the crowd was going to be or how I would handle eventual panic attacks. Thanks to (I'd say) my current rather stable mentality, I didn't have to deal with anything of what I feared and I enjoyed walking through the park, watching the Orchestra (They played Bastille's Pompeii quite amazingly!), strolling through the sea of stands and looking at the stuff they offered. I talked my best friend into going on the Ferris wheel with me so I could take pictures from the top and eventually I couldn't resist to buy myself some sweets which accompanied me during the actual fireworks. There was a laser show at the beginning, quite impressing, but the fireworks were absolutely amazeballs! I'm a total sucker for fireworks but these ones would have blown me off my feet if I wouldn't have sat on the ground already. Music and effects was perfectly coordinated and I could have stayed there for longer.

By the way, Germany won. I would have liked to see the competition as well, however I totally see why my country made it on the first place.

Sharing my favourite moments with you now, you can check my Flickr in case you want to see more.
The weather was absolutely perfect for the occasion.
I loved this crowd.
Could you have resisted?



All in all I had a fabulous day and I'm so glad I've ignored my doubts and went there in the first place because I wouldn't want to miss this experience anymore.
P.S.: Please excuse the awful quality of the videos, I had to convert them cause there's an MB limit on here :/

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