Advise: Realize you're into Someone (For Dummies like Me)

I'm not into poetry but this poem is exceptional.
And it triggered the idea for this post, so...
Source: Unknown

You want to sleep in to their "good night"-message and your mood is outstanding in the morning if you wake up to their "good morning"-message.

You constantly check your phone in case you've received a new text and you're disappointed if it's not them.

You update them about your day, even if it's just when you're drinking a coffee or taking a break from whatever you're doing in that moment.

When you're with them, you can look at them or listen to their words and never get bored.

Being in a bad mood, remembering something sweet they said to you cheers you up immediately.

Their laugh sounds like freshly made pizza to you. (I know this is a bad simile but I couldn't come up with a better one, I just thought of pizza because it's one of my favourite things.)

You miss them whenever they're not around, whenever you can't reach them on the phone and you count down the weeks/days/hours until you can contact them again.

Now I'm done with this cheesy text post, don't expect a similar one in the next weeks, I need to get over what I've just written, haha. But I swear, this is all me when I'm like somebody. A lot. Alotalotalot.

Because we all love pizza.

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