Live: Passing Time

What does Sarah do when she's done with all her morning work, done with writing her article and waiting for new tasks?
I'm surfing on the waves on the Australian coast, breathing in the salty air, feeling my wet hair cling to my head and crashing into the water once I've lost my balance.
Oh wait, that's the other kind of surfing.

The Interwebs is full of interesting articles and sites you can spend hours on. Not surfing on a surf board, but on pages, ha.

Here's an intriguing article about Edward Snowden, his life, his motives, how he became a whistleblower etc. Just in case you're interested. I also think the photographs are taken really well.

Additionally, I've found a blog about Palestine. There's not simply information about the conflict itself, you also get to read posts about life in Palestine and impressing pictures. It really is worth a click. Or more. Rather more, I'd say. My general feeling about the Middle East is that a lot of people flinch from reading or hearing about it because they automatically associate it with terrorism, Al Qaeda and assaults. Danger.
What most of them seem to forget is that the Islam is a fascinating culture and there's a lot to learn about it and about the countries where it's prevalent. Sure, the Islam worships different values than Christianity, for instance, but different mustn't be equal to worse. Shouldn't, at least. Christianity doesn't convey only positive values either.

Eventually I've also had the time to think about ideas for blog posts for the next three weeks, so you can be sure to get regular updates! Have a great time (because I don't know whether you'll read this in the morning, at lunchtime, in the evening or at night, you know ;)).

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