Review: Gone Girl

Got the German version as a present, otherwise I'd have read it in English. Story length: 575 pages.
This is going to be a challenge, but I'll try to give you a review of this book without any spoilers.

The blurb says: "What're you thinking right now, Amy? That's what I often asked her. What're you thinking? How are you? Who are you? How well does one actually know the person they love? That's exactly what Nick Dunne asks himself on this sunny morning of his fifth wedding anniversary. This morning, his wife Amy disappears without a trace. The police instantly suspects Nick. Amys friends report she was afraid of him. On his computer, the police discovers strange mails. What happened to Nick's marvellous wife Amy?"

I want to be fair, the reason why I wanted to read this book in the first place was the cover. I don't like neon colours, but this neon orange/pink/whatever it is title just captured my eyes. And the design is amazing in general, because the Gone Girl is leaving on the front...at least I suppose that the white parts on the cover are hairs, so it's like Amy was rushing out.

The book's only got 575 pages and I wish it had had more. I devoured the sentences in no time because it was thrilling from the beginning on. I was surprised about how much psychological depth you can find in there. I would even say that Amy's disappearance isn't the main plot, rather Amy's and Nick's behaviour, their communication, the events that lead up to what has happened and is happening and then - of course - their past. Nearly every answer to questions you as a reader might have can be found in their past.
Also, Mrs Flynn manages to ingeniously manipulate your mind. What's truth, what's lie? The borders begin to blur pretty soon. You get to decide which side you are on. Do you believe the police? Is Nick a murderer? Or do you believe Nick? If you've read some books about psychology, this task might be easier for you.

All in all, I'll give Gone Girl a 9/10. I hate "open" endings. It's not as open as in other books, but it's not as closed as I was hoping it would be.

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