Live: The Week #2

Thumbs up: Being productive on a daily basis. Not doing anything in particular for a while after I've finished school was great, but I've felt useless after a month. I'm so glad my week is more structured again, so that I can fully savour the weekends to refill my energy.
Thumbs down: People who can't drive without endangering others. I wonder how they got their licenses, probably because the driving examiner was sloppy or wanted to get it over with to go for lunch. I've driven past a car who randomly stood on the roadside and suddenly they decided to start driving again without indicating. They didn't even check if a car (in that case -  me) was next to them. No problem, the contraflow wasn't that close. Sarcasm.

Discovered: Social media sides work best if your posts are about sorrowful destinies or people who get ridiculously drunk.
Planned: how I might decorate my future apartment. I strolled through furniture shops with my parents this weekend because we're looking for new ones in the parlour. I've picked-up so many ideas, I can't wait to move out right now, haha.
Waited: for my first article to be published. This happened rather unexpected on Friday when there was a disturbance in the train traffic. I was sent to report about the happening. The article was published online and in the newspaper and I can't quite describe that feeling *.*

Discovered this old-fashioned camera in a furniture shop and I bloody love it. Originally, it's
supposed to be a coin bank, but it looks pretty nice standing on my shelf ^.^
Quote: Don’t give in to your fears. If you do, you won’t be able to talk to your heart. - The Alchemist by Paul Coelho. I think I'll have to read this book. I've let my fears keep me from experiences I wanted to make, people I've wanted to let closer to me and places I've planned to visit but never did. It's hard work to ignore them, but I'm getting there.
Music: John Legend - All Of Me. Beautiful song, beautiful voice, perfect.
Food: Pizza because pizza. Due to my wisdom teeth I wasn't able to eat pizza for two weeks (which felt like years because I tend to eat around two pizzas per week).

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