Work: The Work Experience #1

I'm going to try to keep this post short. And I'm most likely going to fail.

Today has been the beginning of my 5-month internship in the editor's office of the regional newspaper. Finally. The fun fact is that I wouldn't be doing this if one of my best friends hadn't sent me the job ad a few weeks ago.
Thanks to her (and a fair bit of luck probably) I entered the huge glass building this morning, expecting to feel awkward in the new surroundings, with strangers as colleagues and a work desk who wouldn't really feel like my own.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

My colleagues are strangers to me, that's true, but everybody's on the first name basis with everyone and the work atmosphere is relaxed, although it can be stressful when some articles are due, no one loses their temper or their desire to make jokes about it. Some of the editors are a bit weird, I meanwhile understand where the cliché of journalists being very "special" people is coming from. They would randomly start singing or screaming something and then laugh afterwards while nobody gets what's going on.
I could take part in two conferences and received my first assignments, after my "mentor" had introduced me to everyone and had given me a tour through the different offices as well as the printery. I've never seen the actual machines who produce the final papers, result: they are loud. And when I write loud, I mean "TREMENDOUSLYEARDEAFENINGLOUD".
I even published a few police reports and had quite a laugh, when I read things like "6 000 Euros emerged in a car accident." Somebody must have forgotten a word ;)

My mentor is an incredibly nice young lady, she's definitely not older than 25 which simplifies working with her because I don't feel as inferior and unknowing as I would if I was working with an experienced 50 year-old. See where I'm coming from?
The only issue I'm having is me feeling like a potato beside her because she's absolutely beautiful. And nice. I'm not sure but there might be something going on between her and the volunteer, but they might as well be just friends, I couldn't tell from one afternoon. (Yeah, there's indeed a lot you pick up whilst reading through E-Mails and copying files.)

My laptop and I are not going to have a date tonight because I'm fed up from looking at a computer screen 70% of today, so I'm going to end this post here.

I can't get rid of the feeling that this texts sounds pretty dull, I might have emptied my daily supply of phrasing skills whilst trying to make the police reports sound somewhat interesting. Everybody would tell me that they were just police reports, but I'm that kind of person who wants to finish a task as perfect as possible.

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