Work: The Work Experience #2

Nearly one week of my internship has passed and I feel as if I can already tell you something about the ups and downs of working as a journalist, so let's start! Don't be surprised that I found more upsides than downsides, I live for this job, it's definitely what I want to do later, haha!


Irregular working hours
If you're not a freelancer, then chances are pretty high for you to either start work early (around 7 a.m.) or end work late (around 7 p.m.). I start at 11 a.m. and usually end at around 6.30 p.m. and it sucks, it really sucks. I'm not a morning person, my creativity is at its best in the afternoon and in the evening, so I don't profit from this late beginning. I can sleep in, that's the good point, but when I get home from work, having dinner and maybe going for a shower is everything I do. There's no time for any acitivities other than skyping with a friend, laying in bed, reading or similar stuff. I'm even too tired to do any sports. I basically feel like there's nothing I do all day except working and some bits and bobs around it, unless it's the weekend. God, I'm so looking forward to this weekend.

Time pressure
You're stuck in an inspirational desert? There's no idea, no proper sentence popping up in your head? No beginning for what you want to say? Or your text just doesn't sound right? Well, get out of the desert. Get out of there now. RIGHT NOW. There's no time for sitting on your chair and staring onto the screen because your article is scheduled. There's no "Oh, sorry, I didn't manage to write the article today, I'll deliver it tomorrow" because people count on you. A newspaper or a magazine is teamwork and everyone needs to function or the readers will be disappointed. Don't let yourself get under too much pressure though, it can block your creative thoughts even more.


Working at homeI'm the kind of person who enjoys sitting at home with a cup of tea and in a comfy jumper and type on my laptop, especially when it's rainy or cold outside. These days, it's neither rainy nor chilly but I nonetheless appreciate the possibility to leave the office before everything's done because I can finish everything at home. The Content Management System (CMS) we're working with is accessable on the Internet, so I just have to log in and get started. I prefer working this way to getting home at 8 p.m. because I insisted on dividing my work place and my private place. Why make it complicated when you can have it the easy way.

Creative playground
Oh, I really want to try how this style of writing approaches the readers! What if I use a lot of metaphors and a figurative languages? Will they still enjoy reading my texts if I exaggerate a lot? Being a writer means the whole world of words and expressions is open to you and you can experiment a lot until you find your own, personal style. I'm a kind of writer who likes to be objective and yet build up a connection to the reader to make them feel my words. Does that make any sense to you? I'm sorry if not x)

Journalists are fun
I've mentioned something about the cliché of journalists being weirdos in my last post about my internship. I still think they are all weirdos, but in a good way. If the people around you randomly start singing or screaming something funny, if they like to kid a lot, you automatically feel more familiar with them and spending your day in the office is less draining and static.

No day is like the otherYou're bored of always doing the same? Might be the case in a different job, but not when you're working as a journalist. Obviously there are duties you have to fulfill. I, as an intern, have to publish the police reports during the day and articles for the next day in the evenings. The police reports can be dull when nothing else but car accidents happen, however, sometimes, you can have a real laugh when you spot a typing mistake or a person in the report was being stupid. I also enjoy reading the articles because it gives me an insight in how journalists write. (Not that reading an average article after it was published wouldn't do the same.)

I might come up with more ups and downs with my time working there, but for now, that's what I've experienced.

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