Work: The Work Experience #3

It's Monday, everyone! Who doesn't love the beginning of the week? (Not sure if I mean this ironically or not because I just cant decide whether I like today or not.)

I'm completely on my own at work and literally everyone with internet issues wants me to help them out. It's great to be in charge of everything and have all the power, but I never expected to be confronted with as many problems during one day.
For instance, there's a woman who's found her name in a PDF file on google, because she happened to marry the day when a part of a series of articles went online. How to solve it? Set up every single part of the series (there are 9 in total) with a picture and the text as average articles instead of PDF files. Can you imagine the amount of work. I don't even want to think about how long I've spent searching the articles in the archive because they were published back in 2011.
Don't get me wrong, I definitely enjoy being the head of the online section (even if it's just for one day), the tasks are on a different, more challenging level which means I gain more experience than I normally would.

Despite all the joys, I'm glad my mentor will be back tomorrow. She'll lift some pressure and responsibility off my shoulders.

- Rather short entry today because I still got a lot to do, then go home to eat and then leave the house again to go to the movies with one of my best friends. Up to some point I love being busy and not being a lazy potato who's laying in bed all day, but I miss spending time with my hobbies. No idea, when I'll have a few moments to go through the photos I took of the fireworks yesterday, or when I'll be able to read more than 20 pages of a book at once or watch more than a few minutes of a series in one session. I'm 60 videos behind in my youtube feed. Don't despair, Sarah. Says the Sarah who started talking to herself in unobserved moments. -

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