Work: The Work Experience #4

I’m back!
Okay, I didn’t want to make it sound as if I haven’t posted here in months, but three days are three days. Didn’t feel like typing any more because this week has been eventful in the office.
Many people to talk to and many problems to solve. I did quite well though, I would claim.

The people are what I want to focus on in this post. Obviously, they are contributing to the working atmosphere and I’d become desperate if I wouldn’t get along with them. The boss is a complete jerk, but since everyone thinks so (except of him, ha), it’s fun to share glances and roll with your eyes because you’re annoyed of his work ethic. For instance, he thinks making a big story out of a mentally ill person is going to be a good one. Are we the boulevard press? No. Are we keen on sensations, no matter how it would affect several people? No. Only he is.

I pretty much like everyone in the office because they’re great, funny and friendly. My mentor and I talk to each other as if we were friends (sort of, I guess) and running the online office works fine with her.
Then there’s two guys who I absolutely adore, don’t ask me why. Although…actually you can ask me why as I can definitely tell you why.

The first one is an editor in the mid-fifties (I’d say, maybe he’s already 6-something). He always calls me his little darling because I help him fix internet-related issues or explain him how functions in programmes work that he doesn’t use as often. In return he always reads my drafts of articles and gives me detailed feedback about them and also, he shares his jelly with me. He tends to get the Haribo Colorado Mix from the automat and since he loves liquorice and I hate it, he gives me all the „average“ gummi bears. I just love him, haha. Oh, and he’s also making funny comments all the time.

The other character I want to talk about is an important person in the photographer’s office. Everyone says he’d be a very difficult man, depending on his moods, but to me, he’s always friendly, comes up to my desk in the mornings to say „Hello“ and ask me what’s on for the day. In addition, I don’t have to go on my daily walks to his office because he checks up on us and tells us about pictures we need for the articles that go online.
I think we’re getting along really well. He’s also kept a rather angry reader on the phone from me and put him through to my mentor because he wanted to spare me this conversation. Thank you, aha.

All in all, I love the position I meanwhile have in the office. Lunchtime is less boring now, as everyone includes me into their conversations and asks for my opinions and I don’t have to sit on the edge of the table anymore. Now, I sit right between two others.  Sometimes, people even give me a ring because they need help with something.
I like to be seen as an equal, competent colleague rather than a stupid intern.

I’m sorry fort his long post about people in case you don’t like people.

I’m simply amazed and really happy about working here.

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