Explore: Travel Bucket List #1: Peru

Yeah, this is Peru.
I'm probably the weirdest person ever when it comes to travelling. I feel wanderlust so badly it hurts and I want to discover all the beautiful places on this earth and explore interesting corners but (surprise, surprise) mental issues are (were) holding me back.
I guess I'll just jump into cold water next year after I've finished my internship and after I've learned Spanish and go to Peru for three or four weeks. Nothing's decided yet, I simply want to prove myself that I can do it and that the world doesn't stop turning if I take chances and throw myself out there. On the other side of the planet. Yep.

How cute is this Peruvian girl? Oh my.
I love cultures and places who are severely different to the ones I'm 'used' to in Europe. Here, everything's different yet it's all similar.
Obviously I can't show you my own pictures as I haven't been to Peru (yet), but I will. I promise you, I promise myself that I will go there at some point next year. Gotta begin somewhere, right?

I wish I could hop on a plane right now.
Cusco, everyone. That's actually the place where I'll stay if I take part in that programme. We'll see.
You probably wouldn't be able to get me and my camera away from there once I am there, ha. Machu Picchu, aye!

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