Advise: Surviving Mondays

...we all know how dull Mondays can be. The beginning of the week, all the plans ahead of us, still in that weekend mode, having to get up early in the morning, etcetera etcetera etcetera. But in the end, a Monday is just another day and we can't waste 52 days every year just because we're not "in the mood", right?

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Take your time to wake up. Nothing is worse in the morning than having to rush out of your house because you got up too late. I love sleeping, but getting up properly is worth more compared to a moody day. Set your alarm clock (half) an hour before you'd actually have to get up to be in time. Lay around, watch the sun rise, check your phone, read a book, drink a cuppa. The beginning of a good week needs to be slowly.

Write a To-Do-List/Schedule your appointments. You don't wanna become a chaotic person or miss anything that could be a stress cause, right? If you know when a task has to be done, you can prepare for it properly and work yourself into the issue.

Don't get worked up on things not going according to the plan. Something went wrong? Remedy the problem! We all know nothing is ever easy, so don't expect to solve everything smoothly. If you keep calm and relax whilst overthinking rationally, managing will be a lot less troublesome.

In case of emergencial (Word doesn't exist, I'm aware of that, but you get the hang of it, right?) boredom: Browse 9gag.com, scroll down on Twitter, laugh at ridiculous pictures or statuses on Facebook, check your Instagram feed, watch youtube videos - don't let yourself get caught though! Although, when you're working in a creative space like me, you can always claim to be looking for inspiration, just saying ;)

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