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Hello, my dear fellas! Nope, I did not not feel like blogging in the past days, my brain simply didn't urge me to write something down. I always feel the need to get some thoughts, words in general, off my chest when something in my life isn't going the way I want it to. Or if I feel insignificant enough.
Enough rambling, I just wanted to say I'm feeling really good lately. Almost every day at least.
I'm trying to live by this quote every single day because
change is something we can accomplish anytime.
The beginning of this week has been a bit of a throwback. I've met someone at the train station about one and a half weeks ago (Ran into him and then met him again at the bakery since both our trains were delayed, very smooth, I know. We got into a pretty nice conversation and in the end, he asked for my number. Cute, I thought.) Well, half a week later, on Monday, he started to not text back anymore without an actual reason, I swear I've sent a message he could've answered to as I've even asked a question. Feels terrible to be ignored like that. I've messaged him again on Wednesday, but oh, surprise, apparently someone didn't want to talk to me with the same vigour as days ago. I admit it hit me pretty hard given the fact I barely know him. He was just so nice. And I lack nice people anyway because half of my friends are now spread around the world and I can't meet them these days.
It reminded me of the guy I was once in love with. Only difference: It ended after nine months. Nine months of hoping, struggling, occasionally crying because I didn't understand anything anymore and then, on one day, the day I thought things would get sorted out now because he fucking told me he liked me (Sorry, I had to swear once.), it all went to hell. And hell went on until I've finished school. Haven't seen him since then, don't want to see him. Obviously that guy hurt me way more than this little flirt, but it's the memories. Memories of the good times, they've got the power to hit you like a wave in the stormy Sea.
Gonna pull myself together again.

My French course started on Thursday and oh my lanta, it's great. I love how the teacher and everyone else is constantly talking French. Did realize I was lacking quite a few basic words, but I wrote down all the vocabulary and I'll revise it until next time. The people are nice either, they're probably all somewhere around 50/60, but who cares. I've even met my former English teacher again. I went to her classes before I even attended primary school. I owe her a lot. Hearing correct English pronounciation and seeing the right spelling as a child who could memorize a lot was essential for me.

In addition, work contributes a lot to my emotional stability. I get to write, I get to be in an office with solely lovely editors, I get praise for my texts and I get feedback and tips. And I also love the background noises. Birds singing outside, fingers hitting the keyboard, printers, sometimes even music, ringing telephones. Others would perhaps be distracted, but for me it's the perfect work atmosphere.

Seems like my favourite editor likes my articles on music/bands/etc. I've written one about a band named Rhonda, another one on a musician called Fabian Bruck and now I'm probably going to interview the band Behind the Masquerade. Listened to their pieces today, and I bloodly love them. Their genre is Electro Rock. Me likes.
We'll see how it'll turn out.
Happy weekend! And you can never go wrong with a dark red lipstick.

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