Live: The Week #5/6

11 days. I've let my blog down and I've let you down, I'm aware of that. I just really had to get my life together first and now I'm ready to tell you something about it again.

Thumbs up: Postcards from Down Under. No, not Australia (although that's probably the original "Down Under"), but from New Zealand where my best friend is at right now. Pinned it to my wall and the motive isn't the 0815 typical tourist view, but there's a tree in the friend framing the skyline of Auckland. Beautiful.
Thumbs down: Heavy rain. Christ, it seems like people forget how to drive and turn crazy once it rains so heavily that you can only see the ten metres in front of you. I was so happy to get out of my car that day.

Discovered: that it's a bad idea to text people after months and years of not talking. They are surprised, you are nostalgic and when they're picking up exactly where you'll have, it's getting complicated. Should not have done that, really shouldn't have done that.
Planned: to sign up for two language courses. The first one is meant to refresh my French, the second one is supposed to teach me proper Spanish. Aye. The even better part is they're in the morning, so I won't have trouble paying attention.


Waited: for this weekend cause there's a volleyball "camp" where we're practicing from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. It feels incredible to be doing sports again. Although my foot signalizes me it's been enough for today. Hope it's going to play along tomorrow as well.

Quote: I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me. - Tracee Ellis Ross
Music: Anything by the band Rhonda. I guess they'll always have this special feeling to their music because their concert was the first one I attended without freaking out of panic. I think knowing I was going to write an article about it kept me sane and made me see it in a more realistic, professional way.
Food: Butterscotch cookies. Best sweets ever.

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