Work: The Work Experience #5

I don't feel like blogging today to be fair, but I've got some time to kill so this is what it came down to.

I can already picture my last day in the office - it'll be horrible. I've grown to like these people I see daily so, so much because they're always up for a joke, they care about what you're saying. Of course, they're only colleagues, but they all seem to be like one big friend group. And I love how we're all sitting together at lunch, talking about our day or the stories we're working at. Today, the volunteer in the local office came next to me and whispered something about our boss in my ear. That moment was a bit weird, I have to admit, since he was really close to me. He is in a relationship and doesn't seem like "that" kinda guy, yet it was still an awkward situation. Though he didn't seem to notice my irritation, haha.

This comes closest to how it looks in the office. Pictures and plans on the
walls everywhere, I love thatcreative atmosphere.
 I'm considering to give everyone a little present before I'm leaving. A very, very little present. I already do have some ideas that might be cute. Man, I don't want to pause working in an office for a few years, whilst I'm studying, I wish I could just skip this time.
On the other hand, I don't want to miss that experience either. Which is kinda of a struggle.

I've edited a video today and I think I did good work. I love how you never know what's going to be your task next, apart from the dates and articles which are planned before. I daily learn something new about how to write and if I don't know how to do something best, I can count on someone's support.

This is it for today, guys. I'm just too lazy today, drank five cups of coffee because I lack sleep from going to bed at only 2 am these days. Whoops.

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