Live: This Month: August

Believe me, guys, I am so sorry for not posting regularly. I was aiming at a post every two days. Turns out I don't have any time or inspiration to write one. I feel like my lack of creativity corresponds with my lack of energy these days. So I'm just going to ramble on and once I'm done and in case you'll reach the end, I beg your pardon for the following lack of structure or  entertainment. Because this is pretty much going to be a simple summary of life problems I'm having right now.

August always used to be the ultimate summer month for me where I'd visit
my aunt and uncle in a village in the Alps and just relax and daze in the sun or
wander through the endless forests. I missed that this year.
What to begin with...
I haven't been allowed to do sports lately due to my wisdom teeth removal. Six weeks have passed now and I was fine until last week. Seems like my jaw isn't positioned the way it's supposed to be. Great. My mum's friend should be able to help me with it but it's still a pain. I feel so bad because my condition is in the cellar and I'm not even sure if I'll have enough time between work and volleyball practice when the summer holidays are over. Can't go any longer without sports.

The weather isn't exactly helping either. It's like the clowds would suck in my positive vibes and leave me drenched in a puddle of nonsense and too many serious thoughts.

Nearly everything gets to me. I'm annoyed how you can tell someone you consider as your friend that it kinda saddens/stresses you when they don't answer for days after you've asked them something or sent them a longer message. They've been " busy". But sending a short text that they'll reply later is too much to ask for. It strikes me a lot more who stays in contact with me and who doesn't since graduating school as I don't get to see everyone anymore.
And when I've been out with two of my friends on Friday, I tumbled into a slight nostalgia when I remembered how - months ago - we would have been around 10 in total. I forgot - that was before this girl agitated some of us against each other. At least that's my view on the whol affair. Nobody knows if our group would still be intact without her, but we'll never know. Yeah, I'm blaming her.

Bla. I'm gonna end this here and schedule another post. And wait for life to get less alien again.

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