Explore: Exploring Stuttgart #1

I've always wanted to grab my camera equipment and spontaneously go to Stuttgart to take pictures of the people and the places. As I was celebrating my long weekend I didn't expect, my Thursday and Friday off work, I jumped at the chance.
There'll be a second, black and white part coming later on, stay tuned for that! As always, I didn't post all of the pictures on here, you can find the rest on flickr.
You'll notice I love playing around with the focus lately.



Live: Sunday Strolls

Working for the regional newspaper has enriched my knowledge of what happens around me on the weekends because it's me who has to tell our photographers where they should show up and take pictures for our galleries online. I basically dragged my parents out to our town market today. Sweets (Burnt almonds, yumyumyum), crêpes (omonomnom) and more food (currywurst, I was so happy today haha) were calling my name. And the flea market. The book flea market. 
Heaven, I tell you. I even found some novels I've always wanted to get my hands on, for about a third of the price I'd pay online or in a book store.

My actual plan was to take pictures of the people and the flea market rather than the buildings around me, but it turned out the sunny weather pulled nearly every habitant of our town out of their caves and the market was packed! Then there were hands and kids and balloons and just too many distractions in one picture. So I just did what I always did: Look for interesting light effects. Here we go:

I thought this looked really cool.
For the rest, feel free to go and check out my flickr!

Live: The Week #7

Thumbs up: Dinner dates. And I mean those classical, kind of romantic dates where you meet up, go for dinner, the guy pays and then you stroll through the city before you both go home. That.
Thumbs down: The transition from autumn to winter. I can already feel it coming and I hate it. I wore a beanie twice last week and I hate how sleek my hair turn out when I take a hat off. I like my hair to be voluminous. On the other hand, I didn't freeze to death so I'll probably deal with it.

Discovered: Sundays are way more relaxing when you're working because you don't have to worry about any homework you forgot or tests you'll have to write next week.
Planned: to get my bum up and visit my grandparents more often. I haven't been there for weeks because my working times just don't let open any space for a quick visit and on weekends, I'm usually too exhausted or too lazy to do anything productive. This is going to change though.
Waited: to finally skype with my best friend in New Zealand. Except of the fact that I realized how bloody much I miss her, it's been so nice to chat and catch up with her. We definitely need to do this more often.

Quote: At first glance, it may appear too hard. Look again. Always look again. I feel like I've been struggling a lot with my emotional construction, but it's getting better. It always does. It's important to remember that.
Music: Just Human by Carpark North! I've grown to love this band, partly because it's the band the band I interviewed a few weeks ago introduced me to. We basically had the same taste in music which gave us a lot to ramble about.
Food: Pancakes filled with blueberries, vanilla ice cream and cream. Perfect. Mum celebrated her birthday yesterday and it was nice.


Work: The Work Experience #6

Two weeks ago (or three? I can't quite recap) I met up with a band for an interview. You can tell I was hella excited beforehand, but it turned out alright. The guys were amazing and we had a three hour long (!!!) chat about their ambitions, their visions, their experiences as a band who's played in Ukraine.
The picture below shows my natural working surrounding during the past weeks. Nothing has changed to what I've said in my previous posts: I love what I'm doing. I love my colleagues, I love reaching out to people, I love to write with the sound of clicking keyboards and printers in the background.
Last week, we've switched and I'm basicall leading the online section now because I have to instruct the editor who's joined me online and give him tips and it's great fun to seriously feel like the most competent person in my sector. Watch out, this will sound cocky, but I felt like god yesterday when I solved a content management problem. It took me a while but I combined 1+1 and suddenly it all made sense aha. It's a fabulous feeling to know you're actually contributing something significant and not simply dependent on others to train you.
I also took part in a meeting and we've started a project group. To be honest, I don't feel like an ordinary intern anymore.

Ein von sarah | 18 | germany (@sarahvwalker) gepostetes Foto am

P.S.: Only two months to go. Time will run through my fingers like sand runs through an hour glass.


Dress: Style Maniac

I had to come up with a creative name since I've already used the term "Fashion Edit" in my last one. I'm not planning to make a series out of it, I simply like collecting shots with fashion I like. Got enough for another one now, hope you enjoy!
Chic, yet casual.
You can never go wrong with a white item - a blouse, a tee, a pullover, combined with jeans.
These shoes might be very uncomfortable since they're heels, but nobody can deny they
wouldn't look good on feet.
Oversized blazers/coats (like the military button down in the picture) don't look slouchy if your
'underwear' is elegant enough.
Speaking of slouchy clothing - that's the laid back example.
I would so wear this jacket because I love tigers. I'll probably check where it's from...Oh, sold out. You could get it on Urban Outfitters, the bomber jacket was designed by New Zealand's Stolen Girlfriends Club.
In case you were missing a pop of colour in this post, there it is. How cute is this Chanel bag?
I really do want to wear more skirts, but I never seem to find the perfect way of styling them.
Sweater + Skirt usually pulls it off though.
One day I will find the courage to try on boyfriend jeans.
The look on the right would be one for me, but where on earth do you get AS HIGH overknees?!
My mum enjoys telling me I'd be a hat girl, but I feel like they just flatten my hair and
kill all the volume.