Live: Sunday Strolls

Working for the regional newspaper has enriched my knowledge of what happens around me on the weekends because it's me who has to tell our photographers where they should show up and take pictures for our galleries online. I basically dragged my parents out to our town market today. Sweets (Burnt almonds, yumyumyum), crêpes (omonomnom) and more food (currywurst, I was so happy today haha) were calling my name. And the flea market. The book flea market. 
Heaven, I tell you. I even found some novels I've always wanted to get my hands on, for about a third of the price I'd pay online or in a book store.

My actual plan was to take pictures of the people and the flea market rather than the buildings around me, but it turned out the sunny weather pulled nearly every habitant of our town out of their caves and the market was packed! Then there were hands and kids and balloons and just too many distractions in one picture. So I just did what I always did: Look for interesting light effects. Here we go:

I thought this looked really cool.
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