Explore: The Bavaria Diaries #1

I took yesterday off work to be able to visit my aunt and uncle together with my parents for the long weekend. It was a first that I drove us there - sight has been terrible due to the fog and then there was a fox running in front of my car, but luckily he ran off the road quick enough. You can guess I was a little in shock though.

However, getting up on Thursday was the easiest thing to do because I was dying to go outside and take pictures and breathe in the fresh air, appreciate the sight and relax. There's such a difference between going to school and actually working, it's like my body was thirsting for some kind of pause.

Our first stop was a Benedictian cloister with a basilica right next to it. I'm really not that into churches and all, but this one was beautiful.
Huge lakes with benches on the jetty are a fabulous place to stop by, eat cake and drink a refresher.
Ever heard of art nights? The town we're close to hosted one in the evening and it was great to stroll through the alleys and occasionally look at photographs or paintings. There were some acts as well. The belly dancers weren't as good as a woman from the audience who joined them because they seemed to be more interested in how their moves look than accompanying the musicians.


Anything with fire is always great. If you want to see more pictures, you can check them out here. It's such a shame people in my hometown aren't really interested in art or the kinda stuff we've seen here, barely anyone under the age of 40 ever attempts them. While here, I've seen plently of teenagers and people in general to claim there were four times more visitors. Although my hometown's got four times more inhabitants.
Oh well.

My favourite part about being here is the shower though. Glass walls, around 3x2 metres big, hot water - dreams come true every time I enter the bathroom, haha.

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