Explore: The Bavaria Diaries #2

On Day Two, we wanted to escape the fog in the valley and drove to a lake in the mountains. Walchensee is close to the Austrian border, but the feeling it gives you can be compared to the Mediterranean Sea. (If you ignore the cold wind.)
I'm proud of myself because the following pictures do a hundred percent justice to the view. I love it there. I've been to Walchensee about a year ago, last summer, but this time we've walked along the opposite shore and the colourful autumn leaves were a nice alternation to the green summery forest.

I effin' love huskies, but this one looked really grim. At anyone.
Don't ask me how this picture happened, I suspect I accidently hit the shutter and my camera took a while to process, aha.
Red maple leaves built a nice contrast to the blueish water.
If you want, you can take these cable cars up to the Herzogstand, but we decided against it since it was holiday and
we even had a hard time finding a parking lot.
On the left side, the valley we came from was drowned in fog.
She'd only made a few first sketches when we first passed by her.
We went out for dinner at a nice restaurant on the way because we were starving. My aunt's idea was to take in the sunset at another lake. Sadly, the sun went down behind the trees. If it had been spring, it would have bathed the whole lake in its warm light.

Dad has become my foto model when he stepped right in front of my lens, when I was about to hit the shutter.
Bad luck for him!
In case you want to see all the photos I took, you can check them out on flickr.

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