Live: The Week #7

Thumbs up: Dinner dates. And I mean those classical, kind of romantic dates where you meet up, go for dinner, the guy pays and then you stroll through the city before you both go home. That.
Thumbs down: The transition from autumn to winter. I can already feel it coming and I hate it. I wore a beanie twice last week and I hate how sleek my hair turn out when I take a hat off. I like my hair to be voluminous. On the other hand, I didn't freeze to death so I'll probably deal with it.

Discovered: Sundays are way more relaxing when you're working because you don't have to worry about any homework you forgot or tests you'll have to write next week.
Planned: to get my bum up and visit my grandparents more often. I haven't been there for weeks because my working times just don't let open any space for a quick visit and on weekends, I'm usually too exhausted or too lazy to do anything productive. This is going to change though.
Waited: to finally skype with my best friend in New Zealand. Except of the fact that I realized how bloody much I miss her, it's been so nice to chat and catch up with her. We definitely need to do this more often.

Quote: At first glance, it may appear too hard. Look again. Always look again. I feel like I've been struggling a lot with my emotional construction, but it's getting better. It always does. It's important to remember that.
Music: Just Human by Carpark North! I've grown to love this band, partly because it's the band the band I interviewed a few weeks ago introduced me to. We basically had the same taste in music which gave us a lot to ramble about.
Food: Pancakes filled with blueberries, vanilla ice cream and cream. Perfect. Mum celebrated her birthday yesterday and it was nice.

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