Work: The Work Experience #6

Two weeks ago (or three? I can't quite recap) I met up with a band for an interview. You can tell I was hella excited beforehand, but it turned out alright. The guys were amazing and we had a three hour long (!!!) chat about their ambitions, their visions, their experiences as a band who's played in Ukraine.
The picture below shows my natural working surrounding during the past weeks. Nothing has changed to what I've said in my previous posts: I love what I'm doing. I love my colleagues, I love reaching out to people, I love to write with the sound of clicking keyboards and printers in the background.
Last week, we've switched and I'm basicall leading the online section now because I have to instruct the editor who's joined me online and give him tips and it's great fun to seriously feel like the most competent person in my sector. Watch out, this will sound cocky, but I felt like god yesterday when I solved a content management problem. It took me a while but I combined 1+1 and suddenly it all made sense aha. It's a fabulous feeling to know you're actually contributing something significant and not simply dependent on others to train you.
I also took part in a meeting and we've started a project group. To be honest, I don't feel like an ordinary intern anymore.

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P.S.: Only two months to go. Time will run through my fingers like sand runs through an hour glass.

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