Inspire: November Storytelling

Can you believe I've been an absolutely inspired blob (If that's not a word yet, it is now.) recently, but I didn't manage to turn any of my inspiration into words. I've noticed I had a really easy time writing newspaper articles due to the magazines full of helpful tips I've been reading, but they seemed to lead my creative writing skills to a failure to thrive. I'm sorry I couldn't come up with anything more creative than a "short story" I wrote months ago. I named it "Prologue", so I guess at that point in my life, I was attempting to write a book - not for the first time. But I always know what I want to say with my writing, so I feel like there's no sense in retarding the ignition and writing xx chapters instead of a few or just several pages on which I hit enter and space several times.
Don't overinterpret this ramble, I was simply trying to say that sometimes people push you away while you have no clue of their motives and that it's the worst feeling to not know because it impedes getting over it and moving on. (That's the opposite of what the few chapters I wrote after the prologue were about but let's ignore that, I didn't finish the story anyway.)
However that be, it happened to me twice in my life but it won't happen again because now I always just think "There are two people who belong to an ongoing relationship, you can't take both parts."
Maybe I should write a post about life lessons some time.
Nevermind, hope you enjoy reading this masterpiece. Not.

She walks up the stairs, creaking under every step she takes. She assumes he can hear her coming up already, the sound of her arrival echoing through the steamy stairwell.
As she reaches the last stair tread, she pauses and waits.
Ten seconds pass.
He’s probably rushing up from the sofa and walking towards the door.
Twenty seconds pass.
He’s probably putting on clothes right now, it’s a hot day, maybe he’s only wearing boxers.
Thirty seconds pass.
He’s probably searching for his second sock as he always loses one somewhere around the apartment.
Forty seconds pass.
She becomes impatient, pattering with her feet on the dark, dirty wood.
Fifty seconds pass.
The doorbell is embedded in the stone wall, in reach of her nervously moving fingers. She waits for another ten seconds. Nothing.
Her fingers finally press the cold metal, the sound is shrieking in her ears.
Footsteps behind the dingy glass door.
She can vaguely see two colours, blue and red. The blue of his favourite pair of jeans, the red of his favourite shirt, most likely. Blue and red, his favourite colours. 
He’s hesitating.
Finally she hears him unlocking the door and it glides open. He’s standing in the door frame, the messy apartment behind him, his eyes surprised for a second. 
“Hey”, she says, a smile forming on her lips, uncertain, just as herself.
“Hello.” His voice - emotionless. He might have had a bad day?
She wants to step inside as she always does and nearly bumps into him. He’s still standing in the doorframe, looking down on her as if there’d be miles between them.
“Don’t worry about the mess inside, you know I don’t mind.”
No reply. Has to be a bad day.
“We could also go outside for a walk? Maybe pick up a coffee at Starbucks and go to the river?”
One of his eyebrows is rising.
“Christ, would you tell me what’s wrong?”
“I think you know what's wrong.”
“Do I?” She’s irritated. It’s his voice that makes him sound like a different person.
“Just leave.”
She doesn’t move and just stares at him in disbelief.
“Go. Now. You know the way out.”
“Did anything happen?”, she asks haltingly.
“Go away.” The icy tone of his once so comforting, heartwarming voice is making her wince slightly. 
Five seconds pass.
He turns his back to her, closing the door just as she takes a little step towards him.
He slams the door shut, leaving her on her own.
Her hand strokes over the glass of his door which seems to mirror the coldness he just showed towards her.
She whispers “Okay” and then starts walking down. Slowly. Maybe he'll rush back to the door and call after her. Perhaps he won't.
A few steps later, she stops and turns around, her eyes resting on the door, waiting for it to move and slide open again.
But it doesn't.
The stairwell suddenly feels cold.




Explore: Daydreaming of a Christmas in London

Source: Unknown.
I as a bloodly Britain-maniac have always had an obsession with London - besides my seemingly inherent love for New York. But that's a different story, back on the road. I've been to London twice in my life, yet it always happened to be either spring or summer.
I believe it was four or five years ago, during a language trip from school, where I've first got in touch with the British charm of a global city that really scared me. Two years later, in June 2012, I organized a whole three-day expedition in the land of the unknown - an alien country for my parents who can't speak an English word without me wanting to out tape over their mouth for violating the sound of this beautiful language. So it was me who checked us into the hotel, who ordered food, who talked to people in the shops, at the airport and - you can tell - it boosted my self-conscience in the outer space because some local inhabitants even asked me which part of England I was from. Eeeeeeek (imagine a little guinea pig grunting in an incredibly high pitched voice).
Source: Unknown
So how can one person not fall in love with these sights, the lights, the snow. It's what makes Christmas special to me. I haven't seen proper snow in years, nor are the christmas decorations in my town as amazing as the British versions.
I believe this could be an outstanding experience if I find a nice, cozy hotel and some lovely things to do during the day. Because, as you should know, shops, restaurants, even the Tube shut down on Christmas Day, on the 25th of December. Most of them at least. We'll see if I get a friend to come with me. If not I'll have to wait for my future boyfriend to take me there.

And then end Christmas Day with a nice cuppa and the best romantic comedy playing around Christmas.
Funny enough, it'd be most important for me to find a proper hotel as my last stay here has been traumatizing when it comes to sleeping. The rooms have been dirty and badly soundproofed, the breakfast literally only consisted out of toast, coffee, marmelade, butter and eggs if you wished. Oh, and orange juice. Didn't improve anything though. I usually don't mind accommodations like that, as long as they're hygienic. Which our hotel clearly wasn't. Although it was a three-star-general and our local tourist agency which is relatively reliable praised it, it was pure horror given what we actually expected. I don't ever want to repeat this experience which is why I'll honestly read every single review and look at every single picture of - raising my standards - solely regard four-star hotels. I'm also willing to pay more money for accommodation. I think it's worth it because a likewise rebound can spoil the whole trip. Or get you a cold in winter because you spend so much time outside to face your room as late as possible when it's already dark and the dim lights hide the disasters.


Dress: Satchel Handbag


I've wanted a handbag like this for ages. They first popped out to me on ASOS, but most of them were made of real leather and I just don't see why I would spend over a hundred euros for a satchel I'm going to take with me on a regular basis and who'll get wrecked on the bottom and the usual places.
So fake leather really does the job for me. As my wardrobe doesn't contain any brown or camel items, I went for this beatiful marine satchel bag. Its size is perfect for strolling through the city, going out for dinner, anything you spend your free time with really. And to be fair, those 40 euros I paid for it (They're now even on sale for 27, grrrr. Didn't want to risk it being out of stock.) are worth every cent as the texture is nice and in my eyes, it doesn't give the impression of being cheap at all.

                                                                       ASOS Satchel Bag


Live: Wintery Thoughts

Foggy streets in the morning, a fresh wind blowing up the leaves on the ground, a cloudy sky dulling the sunlight or – as Jon Snow would say – winter is coming. There’s a seasonal magic to the deadening nature, the cooling people, the quiet excitement about upcoming Christmas and the new year.
Autumn has already come to an end, that’s what my gut says. It’s been a short season that came so suddenly and passed so quickly, like a breeze.

I find winter depressing. Just throwing it out there. It’s the time when I go out of the house with my gloves on, my boots and my beanie. When I wear a beanie, it’s freezing. But I’ve came to a point where I just want to be warm and where I don’t care about messy hair because entering a warm room, pulling off your coat, rubbing your palms against each other has got a charm to it only wintery weather can create.
It’s winter when I know my nose will attempt to run a marathon whilst I’m outside. When I’m looking like Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, in the cold. When I snuggle into my woolen scarf, hands in my pockets. When I choose some heavier make-up, eyeshadow or my beloved dark red lipstick that goes with everything. 

 I come home in the impenetrable darkness, to the scent of my candles, the scent of apple and cinnamon, or berries, or anything christmasy. Sometimes I even leave the skin of an orange on my heater. Combined with a nice winter tea – welcoming the apple and cinnamon scent again – I quickly hop under a blanket, a good book beside me, slow music doodling in the background, my fairy lights diving my room into a colourful play of blue and warm yellow. All cosy, my inspiration rises from 0 to 100 and I start scribbling onto my notebook.
I still find winter depressing, but I don’t get depressed anymore. Which is a really calming knowledge that makes me look forward to the next months. Except of the minus degrees, I could go without them. On the other hand, minus degrees increase the likeliness of white, wonderful snow.
Maybe we’ll see snow this year. If not, I’ll just rewatch Game of Thrones. And read plenty of awesome books. And dream of going to London for Christmas.


Explore: Exploring Stuttgart #2

In my last post, I solely showed you my coloured pictures. I really want to get into black&white photography though, so I gave it a shot. You can check out all the pictures on here. I love how you an so easily influence the mood in a picture, just by taking away it's colours and muting it down.



Think: All The Little Things

Attention: Before you read this, clarify in your mind that this is going to be a post drowning in hypocrisy. It’s meant to not only be an advice for you out there, but also to be a reminder for me.

Reminder for what? It’s the little things that should make you happy, sometimes, but don’t let the little things make you sad.

This thought popped into my head when I sat in the office – where I still am, shush and don’t tell anyone I wrote this during my regular working time – staring out of the window. The sun that woke me up today had disappeared behind grey, thick clouds, the air feeling colder now than it did in the morning. My fingertips are icy despite of my extreme tea consumption during the day, almost seven cups, and I’m aching to get home and snuggle up in my bed. Without someone to cuddle with, but that’s okay.
First little thing.
If I’m unlucky, which I often am, then I’ll have to wait at the train station for my delayed ride home to arrive because there were people spotted on the tracks who might have sabotaged them.
Second little thing.
Admittedly, I’ve been to the cinema twice last week, but this week, I should have had a date. Should have. I highly doubt he’s truly interested in more than just making out since he didn’t text back for five days after I asked him which movie we should see. Didn’t happen for the first time, didn’t happen fort he last time.
Third little thing.
I can honestly claim that I’m a very happy single girl these days, but on the other hand, the cold winter months make me wish for somebody to share a blanket with, watch movies or the new episodes of The Walking Dead, cook, lay in bed, do coupley things together and make the cold season pass more quickly. Can’t have everything, can you.
One tiny thing.

So, I’m giving up pretending these little things didn’t strike me in combination. I am in a bad mood. I do want this Monday to be over.
And that’s what this post is about. When today is over, the little things will have faded to tiny, irrelevant issues and Tuesday has a chance to be good again. We mustn’t drag around things to put us down for longer than necessary. Even if they seem bad, everything is just as bad as we let it be.

Explore: The Bavaria Diaries #3

Eeeeek, I know I'm late! Yet, late is better than never! The last day we've spent at my aunt's and uncle's house in Bavaria brought us the worst weather. It was foggy. It was cloudy. It was rainy. None of us felt like more than going for a short walk, so we chose the path along the river.  Notwithstanding, I managed to get at least a few shots I found interesting.

I especially like the scenery in this picture, but I wouldn't want to live in this house. Imagine how scary it would be
to be there all on your own and then hear a noise - knowing no one else should be around.

I experiemented a bit and I love the result! I really want to finally finish my book about photography skills. Wanna bring the best out of my camera.

In case you want to see all of my shots from our short trip, you can check out my flickr!


Inspire: Books I Want To Read: November

This will be a rather short post because I just want to fill you in about my book reading ambitions for this month:

> James Dashner: The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure. I figured I should read the first book before I watch the movie and want to read them all in a row. I hate breaks, for instance if you have to wait for a sequel. I think I've read somewhere there would also be sequels who actually are prequels to the plot in this triology, but I'm not sure if I'll actually give them a go as well.

> Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. Well, I've read a book by them (Dash And Lily's Book Of Dares) and I didn't like it. It was definitely a good read for teenagers but I am out of that age and spent most of the pages rolling my eyes. So I chose this as my "On the train on the way to work and back home"-backup in case I don't feel like listening to music.

> Believe it or not, I'm a newbie when it comes to Stephen King. All of his books are at home, in my shelves, waiting for me to pull them out of the dark. I'm going to start with Carrie. And then watch the movie - again, haha.

> Last but not least, Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina caught my attention when I was looking through all of my books in order to find something I want to read soon. I'm really excited to start this classic novel. And to watch the movie. We'll see how I like them.