Think: All The Little Things

Attention: Before you read this, clarify in your mind that this is going to be a post drowning in hypocrisy. It’s meant to not only be an advice for you out there, but also to be a reminder for me.

Reminder for what? It’s the little things that should make you happy, sometimes, but don’t let the little things make you sad.

This thought popped into my head when I sat in the office – where I still am, shush and don’t tell anyone I wrote this during my regular working time – staring out of the window. The sun that woke me up today had disappeared behind grey, thick clouds, the air feeling colder now than it did in the morning. My fingertips are icy despite of my extreme tea consumption during the day, almost seven cups, and I’m aching to get home and snuggle up in my bed. Without someone to cuddle with, but that’s okay.
First little thing.
If I’m unlucky, which I often am, then I’ll have to wait at the train station for my delayed ride home to arrive because there were people spotted on the tracks who might have sabotaged them.
Second little thing.
Admittedly, I’ve been to the cinema twice last week, but this week, I should have had a date. Should have. I highly doubt he’s truly interested in more than just making out since he didn’t text back for five days after I asked him which movie we should see. Didn’t happen for the first time, didn’t happen fort he last time.
Third little thing.
I can honestly claim that I’m a very happy single girl these days, but on the other hand, the cold winter months make me wish for somebody to share a blanket with, watch movies or the new episodes of The Walking Dead, cook, lay in bed, do coupley things together and make the cold season pass more quickly. Can’t have everything, can you.
One tiny thing.

So, I’m giving up pretending these little things didn’t strike me in combination. I am in a bad mood. I do want this Monday to be over.
And that’s what this post is about. When today is over, the little things will have faded to tiny, irrelevant issues and Tuesday has a chance to be good again. We mustn’t drag around things to put us down for longer than necessary. Even if they seem bad, everything is just as bad as we let it be.

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