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I as a bloodly Britain-maniac have always had an obsession with London - besides my seemingly inherent love for New York. But that's a different story, back on the road. I've been to London twice in my life, yet it always happened to be either spring or summer.
I believe it was four or five years ago, during a language trip from school, where I've first got in touch with the British charm of a global city that really scared me. Two years later, in June 2012, I organized a whole three-day expedition in the land of the unknown - an alien country for my parents who can't speak an English word without me wanting to out tape over their mouth for violating the sound of this beautiful language. So it was me who checked us into the hotel, who ordered food, who talked to people in the shops, at the airport and - you can tell - it boosted my self-conscience in the outer space because some local inhabitants even asked me which part of England I was from. Eeeeeeek (imagine a little guinea pig grunting in an incredibly high pitched voice).
Source: Unknown
So how can one person not fall in love with these sights, the lights, the snow. It's what makes Christmas special to me. I haven't seen proper snow in years, nor are the christmas decorations in my town as amazing as the British versions.
I believe this could be an outstanding experience if I find a nice, cozy hotel and some lovely things to do during the day. Because, as you should know, shops, restaurants, even the Tube shut down on Christmas Day, on the 25th of December. Most of them at least. We'll see if I get a friend to come with me. If not I'll have to wait for my future boyfriend to take me there.

And then end Christmas Day with a nice cuppa and the best romantic comedy playing around Christmas.
Funny enough, it'd be most important for me to find a proper hotel as my last stay here has been traumatizing when it comes to sleeping. The rooms have been dirty and badly soundproofed, the breakfast literally only consisted out of toast, coffee, marmelade, butter and eggs if you wished. Oh, and orange juice. Didn't improve anything though. I usually don't mind accommodations like that, as long as they're hygienic. Which our hotel clearly wasn't. Although it was a three-star-general and our local tourist agency which is relatively reliable praised it, it was pure horror given what we actually expected. I don't ever want to repeat this experience which is why I'll honestly read every single review and look at every single picture of - raising my standards - solely regard four-star hotels. I'm also willing to pay more money for accommodation. I think it's worth it because a likewise rebound can spoil the whole trip. Or get you a cold in winter because you spend so much time outside to face your room as late as possible when it's already dark and the dim lights hide the disasters.

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