Dress: Satchel Handbag


I've wanted a handbag like this for ages. They first popped out to me on ASOS, but most of them were made of real leather and I just don't see why I would spend over a hundred euros for a satchel I'm going to take with me on a regular basis and who'll get wrecked on the bottom and the usual places.
So fake leather really does the job for me. As my wardrobe doesn't contain any brown or camel items, I went for this beatiful marine satchel bag. Its size is perfect for strolling through the city, going out for dinner, anything you spend your free time with really. And to be fair, those 40 euros I paid for it (They're now even on sale for 27, grrrr. Didn't want to risk it being out of stock.) are worth every cent as the texture is nice and in my eyes, it doesn't give the impression of being cheap at all.

                                                                       ASOS Satchel Bag

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