Explore: The Bavaria Diaries #3

Eeeeek, I know I'm late! Yet, late is better than never! The last day we've spent at my aunt's and uncle's house in Bavaria brought us the worst weather. It was foggy. It was cloudy. It was rainy. None of us felt like more than going for a short walk, so we chose the path along the river.  Notwithstanding, I managed to get at least a few shots I found interesting.

I especially like the scenery in this picture, but I wouldn't want to live in this house. Imagine how scary it would be
to be there all on your own and then hear a noise - knowing no one else should be around.

I experiemented a bit and I love the result! I really want to finally finish my book about photography skills. Wanna bring the best out of my camera.

In case you want to see all of my shots from our short trip, you can check out my flickr!

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