Live: Wintery Thoughts

Foggy streets in the morning, a fresh wind blowing up the leaves on the ground, a cloudy sky dulling the sunlight or – as Jon Snow would say – winter is coming. There’s a seasonal magic to the deadening nature, the cooling people, the quiet excitement about upcoming Christmas and the new year.
Autumn has already come to an end, that’s what my gut says. It’s been a short season that came so suddenly and passed so quickly, like a breeze.

I find winter depressing. Just throwing it out there. It’s the time when I go out of the house with my gloves on, my boots and my beanie. When I wear a beanie, it’s freezing. But I’ve came to a point where I just want to be warm and where I don’t care about messy hair because entering a warm room, pulling off your coat, rubbing your palms against each other has got a charm to it only wintery weather can create.
It’s winter when I know my nose will attempt to run a marathon whilst I’m outside. When I’m looking like Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, in the cold. When I snuggle into my woolen scarf, hands in my pockets. When I choose some heavier make-up, eyeshadow or my beloved dark red lipstick that goes with everything. 

 I come home in the impenetrable darkness, to the scent of my candles, the scent of apple and cinnamon, or berries, or anything christmasy. Sometimes I even leave the skin of an orange on my heater. Combined with a nice winter tea – welcoming the apple and cinnamon scent again – I quickly hop under a blanket, a good book beside me, slow music doodling in the background, my fairy lights diving my room into a colourful play of blue and warm yellow. All cosy, my inspiration rises from 0 to 100 and I start scribbling onto my notebook.
I still find winter depressing, but I don’t get depressed anymore. Which is a really calming knowledge that makes me look forward to the next months. Except of the minus degrees, I could go without them. On the other hand, minus degrees increase the likeliness of white, wonderful snow.
Maybe we’ll see snow this year. If not, I’ll just rewatch Game of Thrones. And read plenty of awesome books. And dream of going to London for Christmas.

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