Blogmas Day #18: Work: The Work Experience #9

So, this was on our kitchen counter today and I was thrilled to open it and watch the movie that was on the CD. An editor will be celebrating his 50th birthday next year in October (Yeah, he's hilarious, sending out the invitations as soon.) and I really hope I'll be able to go to the party. Obviously I'm just an intern so he didn't have any obligation to invite me as well. I would have never found out about it.
But instead, he did invite me. And that makes me feel like these five months will not be forgotten. Neither by me, nor by the people I worked with and that grew close to me because they're kind of crazy but in a cute way, each one of them has their habits. And it'd be incredibly great to see them all again, next year in October. Very, very, very great.

Oh and the movie/invitation was hilarious, I had so much to smile about.


Blogmas Day #17: Inspire: Introducing: Humans Of New York

 As a matter of fact, I mostly take sceneric pictures, capture landscapes, architecture, occasionally animals, nevertheless rarely people. The photographer Brandon has started in 2010 to not only take pictures of a person, but also let them answer a rather personal question. I find it fascinating how interesting such little things can be. It shows how there's a story behind everyone's life. Have some of my favourite examples here:
"I once crash landed a plane in a desert in Tunisia. I wasn’t even the pilot. The pilot got hysterical and I had to grab the controls."
“We met on a dating site. My username was ‘JeffFromBrooklyn’ and his was ‘Philodemus’— which is the name of a 1st century philosopher or something. But what I noticed most was the part where he listed the films that he loved. Not only did he list great films, but he also chose specific scenes. He wrote things like: ‘In Casablanca, the look in Ingrid’s eyes when she sees Humphrey Bogart.’ Or ‘In Crimes and Misdemeanors, the desperation on Angelica Houston’s face when she knows the relationship is slipping through her fingers.’ As I read through the list, I noticed that each of the scenes he chose had something to do with intense love.”
"I teach photography to kids in the Bronx. I try to emphasize the importance of not overthinking your work. If something makes you curious, shoot it. If something makes you feel an emotion, shoot it. I don’t ever want them to doubt themselves, so I tell them to be spontaneous and not worry about making mistakes. But truthfully, I’ve never been able to work that way."
"I’m about to go to work. I’m an emergency room doctor and I work the 10 PM to 8 AM shift."
"What’s been your proudest moment as a doctor?"
"Probably just the moment when I finally felt comfortable— it took about three years, and one day it just kinda clicked. Starting a shift in the emergency room is like the feeling before a giant battle in a movie like Braveheart or Lord of the Rings. You just have no idea what’s going to come through the door. Sometimes five serious cases can come in at the exact same time, and you have a lot of decisions to make, and you have to know exactly how long each procedure takes, and what can wait, and what can’t. I think my proudest moment was when I finally stopped feeling nervous, because I’d reached a level of experience where I could make the correct decisions without thinking about them.”
"This is my neighbor. She only speaks Mandarin, so we’ve never had a conversation. But she’s brought me a handful of candy every day for 20 years."
"I’m five!"
"Does it feel any different than four?"
"It feels less smaller."
"What are the flowers for?"
"We woke up at 5 AM today. So we’re saying ‘sorry.’"
For more, definitely go and check out Brandon's official site!


Blogmas Day #16: Inspire: Emma Watson

You might have noticed my posts are being shorter or less creative these days - I've got so much work to do - interviewing people, writing the article, planning a video, turning the video, cutting it (and it's only Tuesday, oh life) so I'll be busy til the weekend. Let's hope I'll be a better blogger again by then.
Whenever somebody asks me about my favourite actress, the first person popping up in my mind is Emma Watson. Not only because she's a talented young actress, but also an amazing, inspiring, beautiful woman. There's so much you can learn from her. She's characterized as being an actress, yet she also shows dedication towards politics (especially feminism) and other sections of life that the young girls and teenagers who are looking up to her can take as an inspiration or motivation to overthink their own attitude. Emma Watson is a role model. And I think it's distinctive that Hermione from "Harry Potter" isn't the first connection I draw to her name (anymore).

Let's take her impressing UN speech about feminism as an example (I usually hate long speeches as they're boring, but Emma managed to capture me with her words. And her accent, haha.)

And now let's let Emma talk again:

I did not wake up like this.

I feel like young girls are told this whole idea that they have to be this kind of princess and be all delicate and fragile and that's bullshit.

With airbrushing and digital manipulation, fashion can project an unobtainable image that's dangerously unhealthy.

My idea of sexy is that less is more. The less you reveal, the more people can wonder.


Blogmas Day #15: Think: A Fictional Interview with Santa

Hey Santa, do you have a minute?

Hohoho! I'm quite busy these days so you should know I don't exactly have time for a chitchat, but let's get it over with. (When I was a little girl I've always imagined Santa would only be nice when encountering children and an old, stressed men when getting all the presents together.)

Sorry to bother you. I was just wondering how work is going this year?

Fine, fine! Well, if you ignore the fact that everybody seems to want one of those gaming consoles, what're they called again?

You mean a PlayStation 4? I've seen how the PS4 is all over the top lists of Christmas wishes this year.

Ah, right, that's it! Funny how times change. Back in my young days, I helped Grandpa Claus with children's wishes as well. They wanted toy trains, books, a riding horse, maybe a doll...

As you say, times change! For good or for bad, we wouldn't know.

Is there anything you are wishing for?

I didn't really write a wish list this year, you caught me off guard. Books, maybe? Some superhero movie?

I was talking about non-materialistic wishes.

In that case...honesty, more time I can spend with my friends, that my plans about finding a new job will work out, a significant other I can also bring to family gatherings and meet-ups, go on promenades with, all the cute-couple-stuff.

Do you think you'll get some fulfilled?

Unlikely, isn't it? The good comes when you least expect it. So I'll just wait and see where life takes me. Except the interhuman part - organizing meet-ups isn't really a hard thing to do.

Dear, I really gotta get back to my elves now, have a merry Christmas!

Thanks, Santa, you too!

(If you were searching for some sense in this post - there isn't.)


Blogmas Day #14: Think: Words You don't Hear every Day

As you know, I've always been a sucker for new vocabulary to learn, preferably eloquent words with a sophisticated touch, words who imply education and knowledge. Therefore I've collected a few I like in particular. Especially their meaning. You'll also find a few German, Greek and French words that sneaked in, to begin with:

jubjoter (French)
- Waking up from a dream without knowing how it ends and wanting to go back to find out about the closure.

Which word would suit this post better? Haha.
Which word is your favourite?


Blogmas Day #13: Explore: Travel Bucket List #2: Paris

What better way to start my post about Paris than with le Tour Eiffel?
Call me cheesy or don't, but I will wait with visiting Paris, la ville lumière, heart of France, until I found my significant other with whom I want to spend the rest of my life with (yep, that's my romantic concept). Or maybe I won't and just go there on my own some day because this city is beyond beautiful and astonishing, I can't even capture in words why I can't wait to discover Paris.
Visite le Pont des Arts and add my own love lock to the bridge...

How could anybody ever forget to visit le Louvre et la Pyramide du Louvre?
Maybe it's because it stands for the French charme, with its architecture, the banlieues which each tell you a story about the people living there, tourist attractions wherever you look, yet it still seems to be slowed down. Where the inhabitants created their own special living bubble. (At least that's what I've heard so far.) It would also be a great opportunity to practice French and check on my skills.

To be fair I always find myself looking after tourist attractions first because I believe there's a reason people say "You need to see this, you need to visit that..." For me, those always are first impressions I collect during my visit, so I can recap them afterwards and then finally decide which parts of a city intrigue me most. That way, I'll be able to pay full attention on this particular part during my next visit.
And finally take an evening stroll through Montmartre.


Blogmas Day #12: Live: ABC of Winter

All I want for Christmas is you. No, not you, it's just my favourite Christmas song. I'm not that big of a Mariah Carey fan, but I like this one.
Blankets. One, two, three, zillions of them. Blankets are life.
Cookies. Holy Santa, I love cookies. My grandma is the best baker ever (which is something you will probably say of your nan as well, but who doesn't love their grandma's cookies? Mine does honey cookies best.
Ein von sarah | 18 | germany (@sarahvwalker) gepostetes Foto am
Delays. It's not solely in winter, but trains seem to cause even more trouble then.
Elliott Smith. His song "Between the Bars" is my most loved song of all time. You should give it a listen.
Feliz Navidad. My favourite Christmas wish. I think it sounds best.
Girls. Only a few more weeks and the next season will be on TV. YAY. I never thought I'd love this as much as I do, but Lena Dunham is hilarious. And great.
Holidays. Working has shown me how much less free time and time off work you have compared to school. I appreciate the days I can stay at home without having to sign up for holidays as they're free around Christmas time.
Ice skating. Preferably with my best friend so he can push me in front of him or pull me over the ice cause I'm not that good of an ice skater haha.
Jumpers. What better time is there to dress faster than ever by putting on jeans and a jumper and the look is complete?
Killing. Ha, now you're wondering what I'm on about, right? There's a series called "The Killing". Mum and I started watching it a few weeks ago, it's great!
Let it snow by John Green, Lauren Myracle and Maureen Johnson. Read this book once, will read it twice, wrapped up in a blanket, with tea, cozy socks on, looking out of the window at Christmas, when I'm visiting my aunt. Sometimes I just need a book that's totally cheesy and unrealistic because it's a cuteness overload. - Don't judge me. -
Music. I tried to go back to my own music after testing Spotify Premium for a month. Yesterday I bought another Premium Abo. It's gonna last me three months and I don't think I can go without it anymore. No trouble with downloading stuff, bad quality and absolutely easy access to new hits. I'm amazed, haha.
New Year's Eve. I always get excited once I realize there's a whole new book with 365 blank pages waiting for me. I like the metaphor because it means you can start over every day.
On my own. You know, I hate it when people cuddle with someone for the sake of cuddling with someone and not because of the person they're snuggled up to. I'm happy as a single pringle, yet winter always makes me envy those couples strolling through the streets, holding hands, kissing and just the thought of watching a movie with my significant other. Puts me in a mood to know there is no significant other.
Parka. With fake fur obviously, I love this fluff ball of a jacket, it's the coziest for the cold season.
Ein von sarah | 18 | germany (@sarahvwalker) gepostetes Foto am
Quality time with the family! Sitting around with everyone, eating, talking, exchanging memories from the past year probably is my favourite part about Christmas Eve/the end of the year.
Reading. A good book whilst it's cold outside and snow is falling down on my window. Priceless.
Socks. Yeah, I'm serious. My feet get cold so easily, I love wearing Christmas socks around the house.
Tea. There's nothing better than a cup of tea to warm me up again.
Unity. I purchased Assassin's Creed: Unity a few weeks ago and I'm loving it. I'll spend December and January completing the game because there's so unbelievably much to do.
Volleyball. I think I'd die if I only did sports outside because I have trouble breathing in cold air, I just hate it. Which is why I'm glad volleyball practice is inside. So I burn off energy all year long.
Water. Hot baths or showers in winter are life.
Xylocarp is worth 22 points in Scrabble. Random. Neither can I play Scrabble, nor could I come up with an idea for X.
YouTube videos are something I don't get to watch regularly anymore which is why I still have videos and vlogs from September and October on my watchlist. Bring back the nice weather!
Zippers. I find them a lot more practical than putton-ups.


Blogmas Day #11: Inspire: Exterior Design

Source: Unknown
Source: Unknown
I have to admit I wouldn't want to live in any of these houses but I put on my design glasses and picked these out, they are just nice to look at.


Blogmas Day #10: Think: Why You're Never Missing Out on Anything

The words written on this photograph basically are my motivation for writing this post. It'll be a little more personal than my usual attempts on giving advice, but either way, I'll try my best to make sense.

Do you know this feeling, when you get to choose between endless possibilities? Graduating school, quitting a job, having another life changing experience - they can all turn things upside down? Why? Well, because you get to choose.
I'm a person who sadly is somehow obsessed with making the right choice because I'm scared of missing out on something important. Something I could regret afterwards. After finishing college, I got to choose between staying and leaving. I stayed. After my work experience at the newspaper will be over, I'll have to choose between staying and leaving again. Right now, I've got no idea which option to pick.
I'm not jealous of my friends who decided to travel the continent - my best friend is in New Zealand for a year, another friend is going to America and Australia soon -, I rather admire their courage to go on an adventure on their own. No doubt this will be an incredible experience, they'll get to meet new people, new cultures, new places, yet at the same time, everything will be different once they come back. My point is, I'm scared of both. Leaving and coming back. I've played several scenarios in my head, being a volunteer in Peru, applying for an internship in New Zealand, taking another language course, for example in Paris, to improve my French again...I guess I could do it.
If there wasn't the fear of leaving and coming back. Leaving because I know how badly I sometimes cope with different, unknown, foreign places. Just imagining what would happen if I completely lost my mind without anyone who knows how to calm me down around me is making me shiver. Coming back as it can be overwhelming sometimes - depending on where you've been and how long you stayed away from home - how much has changed. Change isn't bad, change is just what it is. Different again. So the home you're coming back to doesn't feel like the home you left. Maybe. For a while. And people change. They grow, they learn, they mature. And even people can grow out of each other. It just happens. Obviously it's not only dependent on how much time people spend apart from each other, but it can be a deciding factor. I'm already scared of how it'll be like once they come back.

At this point, perhaps you've already asked yourself "Where is the advice part now?". Guys, I had to come up with a nice introduction and this introduction happened to turn into one half of my actual post. (I have a habit of creating lists of pros and cons, this is roughly the same. Except the pro part is only upcoming.)

I know they always say: You only live once, make the best of it, don't waste a minute, travel the world, cherish live, collect experiences you will tell your grand-children about one day. I subscribe that. Yet I also think, it's up to you to choose when your time is right. When it's time to stay and time to go, time to deal with the past or time to move on, time to do an internship and time to travel the world.
Make beautiful memories. Isn't that what it's all about? Where's the difference between a memory made abroad and a memory made at home? A memory that fills your heart with joy and your body with warmth once you think of it is what you're going to remember. Remember for good. I wish it hadn't took me so long to realize that in these pasts months, although I stayed, I learned. I learned how journalism works. How I really want to do this job. I grew as a person, started to believe more in myself. I changed. I was so close to just throwing my dream of being a writer out of the window and doing a job that's "safe", but really, what is even safe in this world? Law or economics aren't safe either! Everyone's studying law or economics or some I.T. related stuff right now, then there will be an overage and some people won't get a job. A rollercoaster is a nice metaphor for life. With all it's facets.

(By the way - I didn't feel like writing at all today. And how did it turn out? Ha.)

You miss out if you it's stuck in your mind that what you're doing right where you are somehow means less than what someone else is experiencing. That it's worth less. You don't miss out on anything if you're single until you're 18 (like me, paha). You don't miss out if you haven't had a boyfriend you could make out with on park benches (which is really often way too much for the public, but today's youth is hopeless anyway and I don't want to count myself to the youngster running around in Nike Air Max and leggings and crop tops). You don't miss out if you're not travelling after graduating. You don't miss out if you don't study right away, either.
You don't miss out, because there are no expectations you have to fulfill. There's no script you have to follow because the person who decides what's happening in your life is you. You do what feels right, at the time that feels right. Comparing yourself to others' paths is inevitable (honestly, who is so self-confident that they never ever just consider how someone else is doing? Exactly, no one.) but let's stick to comparing. And not feeling inferior.
Experiences never run away from you, au contraire, they nearly haunt you. You even bump into an experience if you drive your car and there's a traffic situation you've never been in before. Experiences are waiting for you. At home, outside the house, at university, in foreign countries. And they are special, no matter what. Cause nobody can say they've got equal experiences to someone else. So how can anybody claim they'd be better? More successful in life?


Blogmas Day #8: Review: The Maze Runner Series & First Movie

Neither do I want to spoiler you, nor do I want to tell you too much. I'm going to try a cryptical post this time.

I've read the books in about two months which is an excellent time for me. There have been days when I read one book in three months - the book wasn't very good though. I would say I enjoyed "The Maze Runner" and "The Scorch Trials" most. "The Death Cure" was alright, "The Kill Order" (which is a prequel to the trilogy with different protagonists) was alright either, yet a tiny  bit better than "The Death Cure". I half expected the last and third book to be less good though as it's always difficult for an author to meet all the reader's expectations.

 - By the way, the books are about Thomas who finds himself in a Maze in the beginning, his memories wiped out, and tries to figure out his role in the unusual happenings that occur. The world got struck by sun flares who sent heat waves over it and somehow, a mysterious disease called "The Flare" makes people aggressive and crazy. -

If I were to evaluate the movie just by it's content, then I'd say it's amazing. It's still amazing if you connect it to the first book, although they left a major part out. I think the regisseur did a good job in his adaptation though, for the average time a movie provides. I loved the cast and wouldn't have changed a thing. I guess some parts could be hard to understand for a non-reader, but you should go see - and read - for yourself.


Blogmas Day #7: Dress: Essie Nail Polish Collection

Before I start, there are some things I need to mention: I bought these fifteen nail varnishes in a timescale of about three years as I know they don't belong to the cheapest. What I love about Essie's nail polishes though is their durability. I always put two layers on, with a base coat underneath and a top coat on top and my nails look freshly manicured for at least a week before the tips even start chipping. I would say this counts for eighty percent of my Essie nail polishes.
I've got fifty-one nail varnishes in total, the rest of them is mostly from P2 because they are cheap and rather good for their price and I like their colour range.

From left to right: 319 urban jungle - 6 vanity fairest - 23 eternal optimist - 101 lady like - 228A don't sweater it
You can tell I've used "vanity fairest" a lot, although it belongs to the nail polishes who last less than a week. It's a nice base for the "a cut above" (look down below) polish because the glitter doesn't cover the whole nail.
From left to right: 275 a cut above - 24 in stitches - 55 a-list
Just mentioned this glittery nail varnish above (did you get my pun, haha), what I love most about it is the fact that the glitter doesn't cover the whole nail, it's more like a top coat with glitter bits. The patterns vary with every application and I think it's fantastic for winter/Christmas time.
From left to right: 42 angora cardi - 230A recessionista - 104 carry on
You can say "carry on" is a very dark purple, but it actually comes out brown on your nails. I received numerous compliments about it though.
From left to right: 99 mint candy apple - 310 truth or flare - 241 butler please - 271 after school boy blazer
"mint candy apple" is one of those Essie nail polishes everybody seems to have. I don't wear it on my nails often since I feel like its lasting power is rather low. I believe "truth or flare" and "after school boy blazer" were in a limited edition and sold out relatively fast.