Blogmas Day #1: Live: The Bucket List

It’s official! I will be blogging every single day until Christmas from now on. I feel bad for rejecting my blog just because I prefer reading or gaming over writing these days. Don’t expect solely winter and Christmas related content, I’m probably going to end up struggling with senseful posts the nearer Christmas comes.
I’m really close to the end of my first term learning Spanish y hablo un poco de español. Espero aprender más de esta hermosa lengua. (I can meanwhile speak a bit of Spanish and hope to learn more of this beautiful language.)
I wished I could pull this whole striped tee trend off. It just makes me look taller and more slender than I am.
Let’s move on to the actual topic of this post: My Bucket List. For December. Christmas Time. The next 24 (to 31) days. I’m so excited for New Year’s Eve already as it’s my tradition to recap the past year and write down what I aspire for the next one. My gut tells me it’s going to be a good one, although the first half will be a blur as I’ve only got plans for January and February (yet).

Back on track.
  1. Figure out some senseful Christmas gifts for my loved ones. I’m having a hard time thinking of something because I usually get ideas from picking up a comment they make. Since I’m not seeing my friends as often as in the good, “old” (ha!) school times, I’ve got absolutely no idea. And I hate presents which only meet average expectations instead of being personalized or at least suitable for the person. 
  2. Drink the rest of the winter tea I’ve still got in the shelves from last year. When I made an advent calender for my best friend back in 2013, I bought tons of winter tea – including marzipan. And marzipan is disgusting. Awful. Terrible. Pain for my taste buds. 
  3. Get my train tickets to visit one of my best and oldest friends! Literally oldest! (Oh, don't hate me if you read this, haha, you know I'm just kidding)
  4. Sort out the months between March and June next year, I will have to occupy myself with an actual task that gets me out of the house from time to time or I’ll end up being a cavewoman and going crazy. I’m considering to do another internship at a newspaper or do some work that’s connected to psychology and taking care of people or so. 
  5. Visit the Christmas market in Ludwigsburg. I’ve taken a quick walk along the stalls when I’ve been in Ludwigsburg for an interview, but it’s no fun on my own. 
  6. Ice-Skating! My guy best friend and I love it, except he’s a thousand times better than I am. So he basically ends up pulling or pushing me over the ice while I am trying not to fall down and drag him with me. Nonetheless it’s quite a blast. And I’d say my skills are improving. 
  7. Watch “Love Actually”. No, I don’t have to say anything else to that. 
  8. And because my lists always have got eight points as it’s my favourite and lucky number…let me think…I’ll find something worth mentioning…YES! I’ve always wanted a little camera to take with me with an acceptable quality. My DSLR sometimes happens to be too heavy or big to fit in my bag, so I’d prefer taking a more flat model with me. I was eyeing on the Samsung NX Mini, but I found a better alternative: The Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. Smartphone. 20,7 MP. I’m happy with my current phone – Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini – but I’ve recently discovered how slow it became with all the newer updates on apps I use daily (Whatsapp, Instagram & Co.). It’s nothing I couldn’t live with, but it’s something that bugs me. And since every technique reaches its limits at some point, I might as well buy myself a flat camera and a new phone to be up to date. Or just mention my wish in front of my parents and grandparents so they can give it to me as a collective Christmas present. Other than that I find it hard to think of something I wish for. Or, to be more correct, something I wish for that is purchaseable.

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