Blogmas Day #12: Live: ABC of Winter

All I want for Christmas is you. No, not you, it's just my favourite Christmas song. I'm not that big of a Mariah Carey fan, but I like this one.
Blankets. One, two, three, zillions of them. Blankets are life.
Cookies. Holy Santa, I love cookies. My grandma is the best baker ever (which is something you will probably say of your nan as well, but who doesn't love their grandma's cookies? Mine does honey cookies best.
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Delays. It's not solely in winter, but trains seem to cause even more trouble then.
Elliott Smith. His song "Between the Bars" is my most loved song of all time. You should give it a listen.
Feliz Navidad. My favourite Christmas wish. I think it sounds best.
Girls. Only a few more weeks and the next season will be on TV. YAY. I never thought I'd love this as much as I do, but Lena Dunham is hilarious. And great.
Holidays. Working has shown me how much less free time and time off work you have compared to school. I appreciate the days I can stay at home without having to sign up for holidays as they're free around Christmas time.
Ice skating. Preferably with my best friend so he can push me in front of him or pull me over the ice cause I'm not that good of an ice skater haha.
Jumpers. What better time is there to dress faster than ever by putting on jeans and a jumper and the look is complete?
Killing. Ha, now you're wondering what I'm on about, right? There's a series called "The Killing". Mum and I started watching it a few weeks ago, it's great!
Let it snow by John Green, Lauren Myracle and Maureen Johnson. Read this book once, will read it twice, wrapped up in a blanket, with tea, cozy socks on, looking out of the window at Christmas, when I'm visiting my aunt. Sometimes I just need a book that's totally cheesy and unrealistic because it's a cuteness overload. - Don't judge me. -
Music. I tried to go back to my own music after testing Spotify Premium for a month. Yesterday I bought another Premium Abo. It's gonna last me three months and I don't think I can go without it anymore. No trouble with downloading stuff, bad quality and absolutely easy access to new hits. I'm amazed, haha.
New Year's Eve. I always get excited once I realize there's a whole new book with 365 blank pages waiting for me. I like the metaphor because it means you can start over every day.
On my own. You know, I hate it when people cuddle with someone for the sake of cuddling with someone and not because of the person they're snuggled up to. I'm happy as a single pringle, yet winter always makes me envy those couples strolling through the streets, holding hands, kissing and just the thought of watching a movie with my significant other. Puts me in a mood to know there is no significant other.
Parka. With fake fur obviously, I love this fluff ball of a jacket, it's the coziest for the cold season.
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Quality time with the family! Sitting around with everyone, eating, talking, exchanging memories from the past year probably is my favourite part about Christmas Eve/the end of the year.
Reading. A good book whilst it's cold outside and snow is falling down on my window. Priceless.
Socks. Yeah, I'm serious. My feet get cold so easily, I love wearing Christmas socks around the house.
Tea. There's nothing better than a cup of tea to warm me up again.
Unity. I purchased Assassin's Creed: Unity a few weeks ago and I'm loving it. I'll spend December and January completing the game because there's so unbelievably much to do.
Volleyball. I think I'd die if I only did sports outside because I have trouble breathing in cold air, I just hate it. Which is why I'm glad volleyball practice is inside. So I burn off energy all year long.
Water. Hot baths or showers in winter are life.
Xylocarp is worth 22 points in Scrabble. Random. Neither can I play Scrabble, nor could I come up with an idea for X.
YouTube videos are something I don't get to watch regularly anymore which is why I still have videos and vlogs from September and October on my watchlist. Bring back the nice weather!
Zippers. I find them a lot more practical than putton-ups.

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