Blogmas Day #13: Explore: Travel Bucket List #2: Paris

What better way to start my post about Paris than with le Tour Eiffel?
Call me cheesy or don't, but I will wait with visiting Paris, la ville lumière, heart of France, until I found my significant other with whom I want to spend the rest of my life with (yep, that's my romantic concept). Or maybe I won't and just go there on my own some day because this city is beyond beautiful and astonishing, I can't even capture in words why I can't wait to discover Paris.
Visite le Pont des Arts and add my own love lock to the bridge...

How could anybody ever forget to visit le Louvre et la Pyramide du Louvre?
Maybe it's because it stands for the French charme, with its architecture, the banlieues which each tell you a story about the people living there, tourist attractions wherever you look, yet it still seems to be slowed down. Where the inhabitants created their own special living bubble. (At least that's what I've heard so far.) It would also be a great opportunity to practice French and check on my skills.

To be fair I always find myself looking after tourist attractions first because I believe there's a reason people say "You need to see this, you need to visit that..." For me, those always are first impressions I collect during my visit, so I can recap them afterwards and then finally decide which parts of a city intrigue me most. That way, I'll be able to pay full attention on this particular part during my next visit.
And finally take an evening stroll through Montmartre.

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