Blogmas Day #15: Think: A Fictional Interview with Santa

Hey Santa, do you have a minute?

Hohoho! I'm quite busy these days so you should know I don't exactly have time for a chitchat, but let's get it over with. (When I was a little girl I've always imagined Santa would only be nice when encountering children and an old, stressed men when getting all the presents together.)

Sorry to bother you. I was just wondering how work is going this year?

Fine, fine! Well, if you ignore the fact that everybody seems to want one of those gaming consoles, what're they called again?

You mean a PlayStation 4? I've seen how the PS4 is all over the top lists of Christmas wishes this year.

Ah, right, that's it! Funny how times change. Back in my young days, I helped Grandpa Claus with children's wishes as well. They wanted toy trains, books, a riding horse, maybe a doll...

As you say, times change! For good or for bad, we wouldn't know.

Is there anything you are wishing for?

I didn't really write a wish list this year, you caught me off guard. Books, maybe? Some superhero movie?

I was talking about non-materialistic wishes.

In that case...honesty, more time I can spend with my friends, that my plans about finding a new job will work out, a significant other I can also bring to family gatherings and meet-ups, go on promenades with, all the cute-couple-stuff.

Do you think you'll get some fulfilled?

Unlikely, isn't it? The good comes when you least expect it. So I'll just wait and see where life takes me. Except the interhuman part - organizing meet-ups isn't really a hard thing to do.

Dear, I really gotta get back to my elves now, have a merry Christmas!

Thanks, Santa, you too!

(If you were searching for some sense in this post - there isn't.)

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