Blogmas Day #18: Work: The Work Experience #9

So, this was on our kitchen counter today and I was thrilled to open it and watch the movie that was on the CD. An editor will be celebrating his 50th birthday next year in October (Yeah, he's hilarious, sending out the invitations as soon.) and I really hope I'll be able to go to the party. Obviously I'm just an intern so he didn't have any obligation to invite me as well. I would have never found out about it.
But instead, he did invite me. And that makes me feel like these five months will not be forgotten. Neither by me, nor by the people I worked with and that grew close to me because they're kind of crazy but in a cute way, each one of them has their habits. And it'd be incredibly great to see them all again, next year in October. Very, very, very great.

Oh and the movie/invitation was hilarious, I had so much to smile about.

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