Blogmas Day #4: Work: The Work Experience #8

I don't think I can capture my excitment and happiness about yesterday. I was planning to update you on my internship later on this month, but I mixed things up since Wednesday has thrown everything overboard.
Where do I start? I'm so sad my work experience is nearing its end because there are only a few weeks left until I leave. I'm surprised I haven't yet started to count down the days.
Tuesday morning, one of my favourite editors (They are all my favourite, but I'll continue saying so just to make clear how much I adore them. I have seriously always been so luck with the colleagues in my internships so far.) came up to me and gave me a book. He said he thought I could get some use out of it, otherwise he would've tossed it away. It was published in 1998 which doesn't speak for its up-to-date-content, but it provides some information on how to become a (successfull) journalist that I think is timeless, so I might as well read it. It was just nice to know he thought of me instead of throwing it away at once.
Then - everyone - got a candle: A tealight you can put in a petite jar that's covered in our newspapers front papers. I think it's quite a lovely idea. Obviously such things are standard presents to the staff, but that doesn't bother me at all.
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Moving on to Wednesday. yesterday, everyone got a calendar for 2015. It's huge and coloured and lovely. (Oh life, you can really tell I love the place I work at, can't you haha.) When I was readying myself for leaving, I went to the toilet once more and - still can't believe it - there were 20 euros on the ground. (I washed my hands after, ha.) I asked around in all the offices on my floor, however nobody seemed to miss them. I figure I'll just keep them and bring them with me in case anyone shows up. If you think, this was my highlight, no, I'm just about to tell you. And I'm not going to make it overly thrilling:

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I GOT OFFERED BEING A FREELANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is such a great opportunity and I'm so happy that I won't lose contact to my peeps completely. Every new article and research means learning new aspects of journalistic work, so bring 'em on! Happy me. I guess this will be a way to shorten the time between the end of my internship and the beginning of uni.

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