Blogmas Day #7: Dress: Essie Nail Polish Collection

Before I start, there are some things I need to mention: I bought these fifteen nail varnishes in a timescale of about three years as I know they don't belong to the cheapest. What I love about Essie's nail polishes though is their durability. I always put two layers on, with a base coat underneath and a top coat on top and my nails look freshly manicured for at least a week before the tips even start chipping. I would say this counts for eighty percent of my Essie nail polishes.
I've got fifty-one nail varnishes in total, the rest of them is mostly from P2 because they are cheap and rather good for their price and I like their colour range.

From left to right: 319 urban jungle - 6 vanity fairest - 23 eternal optimist - 101 lady like - 228A don't sweater it
You can tell I've used "vanity fairest" a lot, although it belongs to the nail polishes who last less than a week. It's a nice base for the "a cut above" (look down below) polish because the glitter doesn't cover the whole nail.
From left to right: 275 a cut above - 24 in stitches - 55 a-list
Just mentioned this glittery nail varnish above (did you get my pun, haha), what I love most about it is the fact that the glitter doesn't cover the whole nail, it's more like a top coat with glitter bits. The patterns vary with every application and I think it's fantastic for winter/Christmas time.
From left to right: 42 angora cardi - 230A recessionista - 104 carry on
You can say "carry on" is a very dark purple, but it actually comes out brown on your nails. I received numerous compliments about it though.
From left to right: 99 mint candy apple - 310 truth or flare - 241 butler please - 271 after school boy blazer
"mint candy apple" is one of those Essie nail polishes everybody seems to have. I don't wear it on my nails often since I feel like its lasting power is rather low. I believe "truth or flare" and "after school boy blazer" were in a limited edition and sold out relatively fast.

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