Blogmas Day #8: Review: The Maze Runner Series & First Movie

Neither do I want to spoiler you, nor do I want to tell you too much. I'm going to try a cryptical post this time.

I've read the books in about two months which is an excellent time for me. There have been days when I read one book in three months - the book wasn't very good though. I would say I enjoyed "The Maze Runner" and "The Scorch Trials" most. "The Death Cure" was alright, "The Kill Order" (which is a prequel to the trilogy with different protagonists) was alright either, yet a tiny  bit better than "The Death Cure". I half expected the last and third book to be less good though as it's always difficult for an author to meet all the reader's expectations.

 - By the way, the books are about Thomas who finds himself in a Maze in the beginning, his memories wiped out, and tries to figure out his role in the unusual happenings that occur. The world got struck by sun flares who sent heat waves over it and somehow, a mysterious disease called "The Flare" makes people aggressive and crazy. -

If I were to evaluate the movie just by it's content, then I'd say it's amazing. It's still amazing if you connect it to the first book, although they left a major part out. I think the regisseur did a good job in his adaptation though, for the average time a movie provides. I loved the cast and wouldn't have changed a thing. I guess some parts could be hard to understand for a non-reader, but you should go see - and read - for yourself.

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