Hello Everyone, I'm Back!

First of all, (I can't recap how often I already said so) I'm sorry for being inactive for over a month!

You might have noticed that my Blogmas series has stopped so suddenly - I had problems with my internet connection and didn't really have time to fix it until after the Christmas holidays which I spent at my aunt's and uncle's house in Bavaria, together with my family.
It was lovely because it started to snow on the 25th and soon, everything outside was wrapped in a white coat. It was freezing though, I didn't have to put on blush at any day because the temperature did that job for me.

I think I still need to write my 2014 recap and there's also other things I want to write about. I took some time off after New Year's Eve to regain inspiration and concentrate on me because I wanted to slow down the time. In December, everything passed faster than I could take it all in and I wanted to avoid starting January in a rush, feeling like I've got no say in what's happening. That's why I didn't even think about blogging because I sometimes feel like it sucks me into a different world and makes me think bigger while the little things happening around me get totally lost.

But I decided that I am going to start again, with three posts a week because that's all I momentarily want to do. There'll be a new post every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, starting from next week.

I hope you're all doing great!