Dress: Fashion Edit: Dresses and Skirts

It's that time again: I've collected fashion bits and bobs I want to share. This time, my focus (I swear I had no intention, it just happened) lies on skirts and dresses (and I basically never wear any of them, oh, the irony). I think they can be worn universally, over leggings, trousers, tights, with coats, leather jackets, scarves, cardigans...Go and see for yourself which look is your favourite.
I admit this dress slightly pops out but it's chic, isn't it?
(How could my post miss a jumper?)
I don't like turtlenecks yet I like this white one if combined as on the picture.


Review: My Favourite TV-Series

In the beginning I planned to do a "Top 3 Series" ranking, but then I decided that my favourite series had all different aspects I liked about them and didn't want to be pressured into giving them an order of what I liked most or least. So there we go with my (happened to be) three favourite series from A to Z ;) ---- EVENTUAL SPOILER ALERT!

Criminal Minds

Side note: This is a picture of the cast, not a picture from in an episode although that'd be hilarious.
I've always had a weakness for crime series, god knows I've watched (or still want to watch) every episode of Criminal Minds (surprise!), Navy CIS, Navy CIS: L.A., The Mentalist, Hawaii Five-0, CSI: Vegas etc. etc. I've literally played every video game available that was adapted to any series and every video game available where I could solve mysterious cases myself. My childhood dream was to become a detective for the longest time (besides being a pharmacist or a photographer) and I would still consider it to be an option in case my journalism career fails/doesn't ever begin. Intertwined with psychology, profiling and analyzing people is highly intriguing to me so Criminal Minds really is a series that makes my heart beat faster. Sometimes the cases being absolutely nuts adds up to my heart rate. I don't deny I've never had a nightmare due to the pictures I saw in the series. Yet I can't help being fascinated by the way the team analyzes perpetrators and their relationship to each other (e.g. Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan, I love them haha). Genereally the casts functions really well in their roles. (Now I only need to get used to Jennifer Love-Hewitt being a newbie in the team in season 11. It's a completely new role I'm seeing her in. So far I think she does a good job though.)

Game of Thrones

Excuse me for this long list. Wolves. Kit Harrington. Jon Snow. Ghost. Jon Snow. Kit Harrington. Oberyn Martell. The Mother of Dragons. Emilia Clarke. Natalie Dormer. British accents. Lots of British accents. Joffrey being hated by everyone (I hope!) because Jack Gleeson, his actor, does such a good job. Jon Snow (I know I've mentioned him already). The Nightswatch. Wolves.
Honestly, I've never been into anything with a medieval touch, but Game of Thrones has blown it all for me. I've discovered the series long before the hype and I still love it. Except they happen to kill pretty much everyone I adore. Although I'm sure I will always have a character to love as I can somehow feel with everyone. Well, nearly everyone. I'm so pumped for season 5!

The Walking Dead

Reading The Walking Dead, your first thought probably has been "ZOOOOMBIES" or "APOCALYPSE". God knows I would never wish for something likewise to happen in real life but I have to say that I'm amazed by the scenario the makers created. Mainly because it's interesting to survey the progress the single characters go through, how their attitude, their thinking, their appearance, their overall changes. The triggers, the feelings, everything. (You can tell we're heading towards the psychology department again, I beg your pardon.) Glenn and Maggie are my number one, I so ship them, although - again - there are several other characters I can feel with. Except Carl. I hate Carl. And I also hated when Beth died. I cried for nearly an hour after watching the episode because it was so unbelievably unexpected and horrible and I couldn't believe it. I knew something would happen but her death went far beyond my imagination. Still I'm very happy that the fifth season continues now. I wonder how the group will change after this massive shock, especially for Maggie and Darly I suppose. To be fair, the undead are the least thrilling to me meanwhile.


Inspire: Between Paris and Home

I'm trying to distract myself but it really won't work: I can't wait for the eight days I'm
going to spend with my boyfriend in Paris. I've looked at so many pictures and I
don't know how I am supposed to capture this city's beauty in a few pictures.
So there're gonna be a lot. A LOT.
...and of course I am worried about travelling. But it's gonna be okay.
This picture was taken in the Louvre. I will find this painting.
I'm trying to not bore you with Paris so here's some lace.
If I had a bathroom like this I would never leave it again.


Advise: Waiting for Your Future - Without Wasting Time

This scary word with an even scarier meaning perhaps makes us all worry sometimes. Who doesn't wonder where they'll be in ten years ahead of now? Who doesn't want to know if they'll achieve their goals and end up looking on a cheerful, fulfilled life? Who isn't curious how their plans will turn out? Will they succeed? Fail?
Who isn't curious.

But who really wants to know? If I - or somebody else - would be able to tell you exactly how your life will be in ten years, would you wanna know? If you could go straight to that point and skip the next days, weeks, months, years up to your desired age, would you actually go?

I frequently think about these two questions. Yet, every single time I question myself, my conclusion is: No. I would not. Because I feel like knowing where I will be would lower my motivation to work for achieving my goals. And because I appreciate every experience I can make these days. I'll get to that point in life anyway, at which I can lay back, in my desired home, with my desired partner and everything else belonging to my definition of happiness.

We're all excited for the future! But why run away from the present?
Waiting can be nerve-wrecking, I have to admit. We wait because we feel like there's nothing we can do during our time waiting. And that's the point where we begin to miss life. No matter if we wait for school to end, for university to start, for our loved one to get back from a long trip, for anything, really. We spend so much time waiting, that we ignore the life that's waiting for us.
So these are my tips on how to make the most of every day - or as the picture above says: How to make the most of the moment you are in now. I'm not an expert, I'm not you, I can't promise they will help you, but they work for me. If they can at least inspire you to something, then I'm perfectly happy with that:

a. Get up and prepare for the day. Nothing is worse than spending days in your PJs and lingering around on the sofa. You weren't born to be a couch potato! Couch potatoes are simply potatoes you put on a couch to rest. (Ha, ha, I'm funny, aren't I) And doesn't it feel great to open a door without being ashamed of your appearance if an unexpected guest knocks on the door?

b. Stick to a daily routine. This point is quite similar to my first one but it all comes in a row: If you're ready for a new day, you can go out (or stay at home, depending on your activity or plans for the day) and do it. if it's meeting up with a friend for lunch, going to work, doing the shopping, whatever. A routine helps to pass your time without wasting it. And the big plus: You avoid the feeling of being an unnecessary, unproductive human who does nothing but convert oxygen into carbon dioxide.

c. Don't doubt your decisions/Don't overthink. Sometimes, if we spend too much time on one single thought, it happens that we start questioning again, whether it's right that we made this or that decision or planned things in one way or another. Stop right there. I barely know people who make decisions without evaluating them properly. So, you've got your decison, you've evaluated it once, maybe twice. That's enough. Stop. Otherwise you will end up reandreandreandreevaluating your decision so much, you become indecisive. Now, indecisiveness is what really stops us from getting a ball rollin'.

Last but not d. Focus on what you're doing right there, right now. I often find, when my Spotify Premium Abo has reached its end and I forgot to buy another code, that listening to the birds singing outside or consciously breathing in the fresh air really helps me focus on the task I've picked out for that time. That way, doing the dishes or ironing can sometimes be a relaxing experience just by dreaming a little and homing your mind in on something particular. Moments like these can prevent stress and bring us back on the ground, they are worth a lot and definitely not wasted (as long as they don't happen 24/7, you get me).

P.S.: If nothing else helps: Go for a run. Get your mind free. Then do something you truly enjoy and let future wait.

So, do you have got any tips for prevention? What's your SOS-plan when you're feeling like you're wasting time?


Review: A Year in Twelve Months - 2014 (Part 2)

In case you've missed the first part, you can catch up on it here

The second half of 2014 was by far not as thrilling as the first one.

July. My best friend took her chances and flew off to New Zealand where she would spend one year as an AuPair. I'm so happy that her host family is lovely and adorable and that she gets to experience amazing things on a nearly daily basis. (And I'm happy about the fact that it's less than half a year away that I can hug her again! Nobody can replace best friends.) Also did I go to Frankfurt/Main for a day to meet up with a good friend.

August. My work experience started about which I wrote a series of posts you can read through (if you're interested) when you click on the link. Additionally, I did something quite bold for me and decided to go on the International Fireworks Festival near to Stuttgart, also known as the Flaming Stars Festival (in literal translation). With my male best friend as an emotional support, I actually had a great time on the festival with him (and my parents, but they did their own thing). I always find it hilarious when people think we'd be a couple, haha, no way that is ever going to happen. I think the festival was one of the important events in 2014.

September. September, I can't quite remember...it was probably just a month of working, being amazed of what I'm doing and writing articles. (That's all the same, I just tried to lengthen this a bit.)

October. The month has started with a lovely and relaxing bank holiday at my aunt's and uncle's house in Bavaria. Autumn at this time of the year was simply breathtaking. This holiday was followed by my mum's birthday and a stroll through a flea market. I also went on a photography trip in Stuttgart. And last but not least: Halloween. Dressed as a wolf I went to see the premiere of The Walking Dead's fifth season with one of my best friends.

November. The good friend I met up with in Frankfurt back in the July Days visited me for a weekend and we spent some quality time together. I really enjoyed that. Since I'd been in Ludwigsburg for an interview, I visited the Christmas Market for a few minutes.

December. I started Blogmas with nothing but good intentions but it turned out rather as a desaster. My internet wouldn't work on the last days and to be fair, I welcomed this technical failure every other blogger would've probably hated. I felt like there was no post I fully committed to during Blogmas, as if I had written them all only half-heartedly because I had to come up with something new every day. I'm never going to do such a challenge ever again. Maybe for a week, if so. Before I spent Christmas with my family in Bavaria, I had the first date with my current (or wait, no, current sounds too temporary in my ears)...with my current boyfriend. Saw him on New Year's Eve again and we had our first kiss under fireworks at midnight (I LOVE HOW CHEESY THAT WAS OKAY).

Now on to you: Which memories you'll never forget did you collect last year?

P.S.: I realized whilst writing this post that there were only some events I could remember by heart, most I had to look up in my photography folder, ha.


Live: The Week #8

Thumbs up: for wellness! Had to lovely days with one of my best friends. We first visited a thermal bath and then booked a massage for the next day. The hilarious part was the fact that we weren't aware of the massage being a full body one, oh life.
Thumbs down: for illnesses. My dad has been ill throughout last week, he had a bad fever (and he's never got fever!). And now I feel like he's infected me too. Which wouldn't be so amazing.

Ein von sarah | 18 | germany (@sarahvwalker) gepostetes Foto am

a vintage café in a quarter of Stuttgart. You could think you're in a different world. (Up here is a picture of a window. You can't see much of the café because I was too shy to take proper pictures, haha.)
Planned: to start charity work on Tuesday but I fear I can't if I get ill. Let's hope I won't. Get ill.
Waited: to get to know my boyfriend's parents and introduce my family to him as it was my cousin's birthday today. All in one day, aha.

Quote: Found on a board in the café: An old bread isn't bitter. No bread is bitter. I think it's funny.
Anything, my boyfriend gave me an AUX cable so I can connect my Spotify app with my stereo, yay.
Food: Spaghetti Carbonara. I'm a sucker for this since I recently cooked it myself. 


Think: Books are my Quiet Saviours

Since my Bloglovin' feed these days is filled with posts about Books, Reading Goals, Achievements and whatever else there is to tell about imprinted pages bound together to be future masterpieces or alienated and used as drip mats, decoration or fire supporters.
Lately the long-established book seller in my town closed due to their age (and if you ask me, for financial reasons as well). It's a great loss for our petite city because the book store belongs to our history. Mothers and fathers, grandmas and granddads used to get their reading material at this place.
A new trader has quickly showed up, only they are one of Germany's most popular book selling chains. Don't make me reflect on the why, but going into the store of a chain always gives me an impersonal feeling, whereas the books in the racks are the same. They redecorated the whole interior and the outside front also stands out of our usually old and historical buildings in the town centre. Not even the colours and the light, new furniture match. My town is nothing like old-fashioned or underdeveloped, but there are certain elements such as established local entrepreneurs who are brand names of our city, yet they seem to get less and less since capitalism has a lot in common with social darwinism. The stronger one survives. How could a single store withstand a chain, forever?

Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are.
Mason Cooley

Let's hop from this rather unhappy topic to a more shinier aspect: The nature of books. I don't know about you, but books are universal life improvers to me. They distract, make me laugh, inspire me, feed my dreams, give advise, entertain, educate...I could go on. What it all comes down to in the end: We can gain a lot from books.
And except these insane authors who never get tired of publishing another part in a series, books usually have a beginning and an end. Believe me, I know how frustrating and saddening it is to get closer and closer towards the ending of a book you truly enjoy, who's sucked you deeper in a different world with every word your gaze brushed over, but you can always reread it, can't you? Books don't make you anxious to miss out on anything or not be up to date as the Internet does most of the time. They are your own little place once you need a time-out from life and a little bit of vacation - in your mind.

Before I quit raving about written pages:
Why on earth do romances in books always have to be so exaggerated and escapist?
I cannot withstand them sometimes. A picture perfect world can be nice. If it's fictional or not.

I'm nosy: What's your favourite aspect about reading? Your favourite book(s)?


Review: A Year in Twelve Months - 2014 (Part 1)

Normally, I don't see much sense in dwelling on the past. The past is the past, what has passed, has passed. There's nothing you can change about the past and yet, the past changes you. Experiences influence our thinking, people leave marks on our heart, life forms our character.
I can say I'm a different Me today compared to who I was three hundred and sixty-five days ago.

January. My year began in a club, on the balcony, with a sparkler and my best friend Sarah around me. Quite an untypical event for me. A club, a crowd, loud music - no surrounding I usually feel comfortable in. But I decided for me that the leopard can change his spots. And so did I. It was a good feeling. Then my rabbit died and my world broke apart. It's how life goes, a human, an animal, a plant is born and some day, their time on earth is over. What I think is worst about death is when it comes sudden. I know many people are bad with goodbyes, but I wish I had had the chance to spent one full last day with my bunny. We rushed to the vet when he had a hard time breathing, she started to examine him and then he went limp. Just like that. I was so shocked I ran out of the room and outside because I felt like my lungs stopped grasping oxygen out of the air. I grew up with this little fluffball, my memories literally start the day I saw him. I remember I wanted this black introvert rabbit who didn't get along with the other bunnies and had a bad cold, but I decided I wanted him because he deserved a chance, too.
Sometimes I still feel like crying when I think about how less time I spent with him the nearer my final exams were, but I can't turn back time. So I accepted it. And I accepted that the life of a bunny doesn't last as long as the life of a human being. Whenever thinking back now, I smile because I remember how he learnt sitting up and then rolled on his back as he couldn't balance his weight yet. Or how he always hopped through the whole etage when he heard the rustling of food. I could go on forever, but I don't want to bore you. His death was a huge thing last year, which is why I dedicated all these lines to my furry friend.

February. February didn't necessarily go better, I got my heart broken. But if it taught me one thing, then that people who truly care about you will never ever play with your feelings or ignore your attempts to talk. They will not try to make you miserable, they will try to bring out the best in you and support you in harder times. If there's someone in your life who puts you down instead of lifting you up, say goodbye to them. And give them a smile once they realize what a precious person they have lost, before turning your back to them and walking away. Forever.

March. Oh dear god. My two last years in college have passed faster than I would've expected, but I enjoyed them. Being the editor of our graduation newspaper/magazine sort of thing was a tough, but enjoyable job. I sure know now that if I ever team up with people again, in projects, for exams, etc. I will pick out reliable ones because otherwise it'll be a desaster. You always get wiser, right. Then I took my A-Levels and got hammered which was great for once. Our party afterwards was great either as I had the chance to be the photographer for the night.
April. April was the month in which I got closer to my first boyfriend and spent a lot of weeknights out in bars and pubs and just outside, talking to people, drinking a beer or a cocktail, laughing, celebrating. Life was chill as the A-Levels were done and around eighty percent of the classes were cancelled, not that anybody would have minded. The attendance rate was very low.

May. Finally I could drive my car on my own and would not have to listen to my dad go on about some buttons here and there which I really don't need and have never pushed since. I also got some use out of my right to excuse me in school myself when I fell whilst sprinting and the wound on my knee got seriously infected. The scar looks pretty ugly, but it's starting to fade. Maybe my legs will be renewed by summer, haha. I could also drive to school during our final week, when we received our results and dressed in funny ways. Every day was dedicated to a different motto. It's a common tradition, I suppose. My results turned out better than I expected, especially in Maths because I seriously had a mental breakdown in that exam.

June. Matching to the final month in this post, I graduated from school in the first week of June. My oral exam went well, receiving our certificates was over pretty quickly and then another night of celebrating started. Then came prom and the night we all went clubbing. I went home with this guy who would be my boyfriend for the next weeks, and received my first ever kiss. It was better than I had expected.

If you want to know how my year went on, read the second part of this recap next Tuesday.