Advise: Waiting for Your Future - Without Wasting Time

This scary word with an even scarier meaning perhaps makes us all worry sometimes. Who doesn't wonder where they'll be in ten years ahead of now? Who doesn't want to know if they'll achieve their goals and end up looking on a cheerful, fulfilled life? Who isn't curious how their plans will turn out? Will they succeed? Fail?
Who isn't curious.

But who really wants to know? If I - or somebody else - would be able to tell you exactly how your life will be in ten years, would you wanna know? If you could go straight to that point and skip the next days, weeks, months, years up to your desired age, would you actually go?

I frequently think about these two questions. Yet, every single time I question myself, my conclusion is: No. I would not. Because I feel like knowing where I will be would lower my motivation to work for achieving my goals. And because I appreciate every experience I can make these days. I'll get to that point in life anyway, at which I can lay back, in my desired home, with my desired partner and everything else belonging to my definition of happiness.

We're all excited for the future! But why run away from the present?
Waiting can be nerve-wrecking, I have to admit. We wait because we feel like there's nothing we can do during our time waiting. And that's the point where we begin to miss life. No matter if we wait for school to end, for university to start, for our loved one to get back from a long trip, for anything, really. We spend so much time waiting, that we ignore the life that's waiting for us.
So these are my tips on how to make the most of every day - or as the picture above says: How to make the most of the moment you are in now. I'm not an expert, I'm not you, I can't promise they will help you, but they work for me. If they can at least inspire you to something, then I'm perfectly happy with that:

a. Get up and prepare for the day. Nothing is worse than spending days in your PJs and lingering around on the sofa. You weren't born to be a couch potato! Couch potatoes are simply potatoes you put on a couch to rest. (Ha, ha, I'm funny, aren't I) And doesn't it feel great to open a door without being ashamed of your appearance if an unexpected guest knocks on the door?

b. Stick to a daily routine. This point is quite similar to my first one but it all comes in a row: If you're ready for a new day, you can go out (or stay at home, depending on your activity or plans for the day) and do it. if it's meeting up with a friend for lunch, going to work, doing the shopping, whatever. A routine helps to pass your time without wasting it. And the big plus: You avoid the feeling of being an unnecessary, unproductive human who does nothing but convert oxygen into carbon dioxide.

c. Don't doubt your decisions/Don't overthink. Sometimes, if we spend too much time on one single thought, it happens that we start questioning again, whether it's right that we made this or that decision or planned things in one way or another. Stop right there. I barely know people who make decisions without evaluating them properly. So, you've got your decison, you've evaluated it once, maybe twice. That's enough. Stop. Otherwise you will end up reandreandreandreevaluating your decision so much, you become indecisive. Now, indecisiveness is what really stops us from getting a ball rollin'.

Last but not d. Focus on what you're doing right there, right now. I often find, when my Spotify Premium Abo has reached its end and I forgot to buy another code, that listening to the birds singing outside or consciously breathing in the fresh air really helps me focus on the task I've picked out for that time. That way, doing the dishes or ironing can sometimes be a relaxing experience just by dreaming a little and homing your mind in on something particular. Moments like these can prevent stress and bring us back on the ground, they are worth a lot and definitely not wasted (as long as they don't happen 24/7, you get me).

P.S.: If nothing else helps: Go for a run. Get your mind free. Then do something you truly enjoy and let future wait.

So, do you have got any tips for prevention? What's your SOS-plan when you're feeling like you're wasting time?

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