Think: Books are my Quiet Saviours

Since my Bloglovin' feed these days is filled with posts about Books, Reading Goals, Achievements and whatever else there is to tell about imprinted pages bound together to be future masterpieces or alienated and used as drip mats, decoration or fire supporters.
Lately the long-established book seller in my town closed due to their age (and if you ask me, for financial reasons as well). It's a great loss for our petite city because the book store belongs to our history. Mothers and fathers, grandmas and granddads used to get their reading material at this place.
A new trader has quickly showed up, only they are one of Germany's most popular book selling chains. Don't make me reflect on the why, but going into the store of a chain always gives me an impersonal feeling, whereas the books in the racks are the same. They redecorated the whole interior and the outside front also stands out of our usually old and historical buildings in the town centre. Not even the colours and the light, new furniture match. My town is nothing like old-fashioned or underdeveloped, but there are certain elements such as established local entrepreneurs who are brand names of our city, yet they seem to get less and less since capitalism has a lot in common with social darwinism. The stronger one survives. How could a single store withstand a chain, forever?

Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are.
Mason Cooley

Let's hop from this rather unhappy topic to a more shinier aspect: The nature of books. I don't know about you, but books are universal life improvers to me. They distract, make me laugh, inspire me, feed my dreams, give advise, entertain, educate...I could go on. What it all comes down to in the end: We can gain a lot from books.
And except these insane authors who never get tired of publishing another part in a series, books usually have a beginning and an end. Believe me, I know how frustrating and saddening it is to get closer and closer towards the ending of a book you truly enjoy, who's sucked you deeper in a different world with every word your gaze brushed over, but you can always reread it, can't you? Books don't make you anxious to miss out on anything or not be up to date as the Internet does most of the time. They are your own little place once you need a time-out from life and a little bit of vacation - in your mind.

Before I quit raving about written pages:
Why on earth do romances in books always have to be so exaggerated and escapist?
I cannot withstand them sometimes. A picture perfect world can be nice. If it's fictional or not.

I'm nosy: What's your favourite aspect about reading? Your favourite book(s)?

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