Review: My Favourite TV-Series

In the beginning I planned to do a "Top 3 Series" ranking, but then I decided that my favourite series had all different aspects I liked about them and didn't want to be pressured into giving them an order of what I liked most or least. So there we go with my (happened to be) three favourite series from A to Z ;) ---- EVENTUAL SPOILER ALERT!

Criminal Minds

Side note: This is a picture of the cast, not a picture from in an episode although that'd be hilarious.
I've always had a weakness for crime series, god knows I've watched (or still want to watch) every episode of Criminal Minds (surprise!), Navy CIS, Navy CIS: L.A., The Mentalist, Hawaii Five-0, CSI: Vegas etc. etc. I've literally played every video game available that was adapted to any series and every video game available where I could solve mysterious cases myself. My childhood dream was to become a detective for the longest time (besides being a pharmacist or a photographer) and I would still consider it to be an option in case my journalism career fails/doesn't ever begin. Intertwined with psychology, profiling and analyzing people is highly intriguing to me so Criminal Minds really is a series that makes my heart beat faster. Sometimes the cases being absolutely nuts adds up to my heart rate. I don't deny I've never had a nightmare due to the pictures I saw in the series. Yet I can't help being fascinated by the way the team analyzes perpetrators and their relationship to each other (e.g. Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan, I love them haha). Genereally the casts functions really well in their roles. (Now I only need to get used to Jennifer Love-Hewitt being a newbie in the team in season 11. It's a completely new role I'm seeing her in. So far I think she does a good job though.)

Game of Thrones

Excuse me for this long list. Wolves. Kit Harrington. Jon Snow. Ghost. Jon Snow. Kit Harrington. Oberyn Martell. The Mother of Dragons. Emilia Clarke. Natalie Dormer. British accents. Lots of British accents. Joffrey being hated by everyone (I hope!) because Jack Gleeson, his actor, does such a good job. Jon Snow (I know I've mentioned him already). The Nightswatch. Wolves.
Honestly, I've never been into anything with a medieval touch, but Game of Thrones has blown it all for me. I've discovered the series long before the hype and I still love it. Except they happen to kill pretty much everyone I adore. Although I'm sure I will always have a character to love as I can somehow feel with everyone. Well, nearly everyone. I'm so pumped for season 5!

The Walking Dead

Reading The Walking Dead, your first thought probably has been "ZOOOOMBIES" or "APOCALYPSE". God knows I would never wish for something likewise to happen in real life but I have to say that I'm amazed by the scenario the makers created. Mainly because it's interesting to survey the progress the single characters go through, how their attitude, their thinking, their appearance, their overall changes. The triggers, the feelings, everything. (You can tell we're heading towards the psychology department again, I beg your pardon.) Glenn and Maggie are my number one, I so ship them, although - again - there are several other characters I can feel with. Except Carl. I hate Carl. And I also hated when Beth died. I cried for nearly an hour after watching the episode because it was so unbelievably unexpected and horrible and I couldn't believe it. I knew something would happen but her death went far beyond my imagination. Still I'm very happy that the fifth season continues now. I wonder how the group will change after this massive shock, especially for Maggie and Darly I suppose. To be fair, the undead are the least thrilling to me meanwhile.

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