Live: The Week #8

Thumbs up: for wellness! Had to lovely days with one of my best friends. We first visited a thermal bath and then booked a massage for the next day. The hilarious part was the fact that we weren't aware of the massage being a full body one, oh life.
Thumbs down: for illnesses. My dad has been ill throughout last week, he had a bad fever (and he's never got fever!). And now I feel like he's infected me too. Which wouldn't be so amazing.

Ein von sarah | 18 | germany (@sarahvwalker) gepostetes Foto am

a vintage café in a quarter of Stuttgart. You could think you're in a different world. (Up here is a picture of a window. You can't see much of the café because I was too shy to take proper pictures, haha.)
Planned: to start charity work on Tuesday but I fear I can't if I get ill. Let's hope I won't. Get ill.
Waited: to get to know my boyfriend's parents and introduce my family to him as it was my cousin's birthday today. All in one day, aha.

Quote: Found on a board in the café: An old bread isn't bitter. No bread is bitter. I think it's funny.
Anything, my boyfriend gave me an AUX cable so I can connect my Spotify app with my stereo, yay.
Food: Spaghetti Carbonara. I'm a sucker for this since I recently cooked it myself. 

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