Review: A Year in Twelve Months - 2014 (Part 2)

In case you've missed the first part, you can catch up on it here

The second half of 2014 was by far not as thrilling as the first one.

July. My best friend took her chances and flew off to New Zealand where she would spend one year as an AuPair. I'm so happy that her host family is lovely and adorable and that she gets to experience amazing things on a nearly daily basis. (And I'm happy about the fact that it's less than half a year away that I can hug her again! Nobody can replace best friends.) Also did I go to Frankfurt/Main for a day to meet up with a good friend.

August. My work experience started about which I wrote a series of posts you can read through (if you're interested) when you click on the link. Additionally, I did something quite bold for me and decided to go on the International Fireworks Festival near to Stuttgart, also known as the Flaming Stars Festival (in literal translation). With my male best friend as an emotional support, I actually had a great time on the festival with him (and my parents, but they did their own thing). I always find it hilarious when people think we'd be a couple, haha, no way that is ever going to happen. I think the festival was one of the important events in 2014.

September. September, I can't quite remember...it was probably just a month of working, being amazed of what I'm doing and writing articles. (That's all the same, I just tried to lengthen this a bit.)

October. The month has started with a lovely and relaxing bank holiday at my aunt's and uncle's house in Bavaria. Autumn at this time of the year was simply breathtaking. This holiday was followed by my mum's birthday and a stroll through a flea market. I also went on a photography trip in Stuttgart. And last but not least: Halloween. Dressed as a wolf I went to see the premiere of The Walking Dead's fifth season with one of my best friends.

November. The good friend I met up with in Frankfurt back in the July Days visited me for a weekend and we spent some quality time together. I really enjoyed that. Since I'd been in Ludwigsburg for an interview, I visited the Christmas Market for a few minutes.

December. I started Blogmas with nothing but good intentions but it turned out rather as a desaster. My internet wouldn't work on the last days and to be fair, I welcomed this technical failure every other blogger would've probably hated. I felt like there was no post I fully committed to during Blogmas, as if I had written them all only half-heartedly because I had to come up with something new every day. I'm never going to do such a challenge ever again. Maybe for a week, if so. Before I spent Christmas with my family in Bavaria, I had the first date with my current (or wait, no, current sounds too temporary in my ears)...with my current boyfriend. Saw him on New Year's Eve again and we had our first kiss under fireworks at midnight (I LOVE HOW CHEESY THAT WAS OKAY).

Now on to you: Which memories you'll never forget did you collect last year?

P.S.: I realized whilst writing this post that there were only some events I could remember by heart, most I had to look up in my photography folder, ha.

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