Dress: ASOS Haul

Good evening, everybody! (Or good morning, depending on when you read this post.)
There are a few bits and pieces I've collected over the past days so I decided to share them in a post. Most of them should still be available so I'll link them below!
P.S.: You will notice I'm not the kind of blogger who enjoys posing in front of a camera, so this will have to do, I apologize!

I actually never expected that dots would suit me so I ordered this dress for
fun, but it turns out that I love this print! It's such a cute and playful dress!
And the fabric resembles neoprene, it feels really soft and not too stiff though.
Still available on ASOS
In the past year, I've grown to love flower prints, so I couldn't resist this blouse!
Still available on ASOS
Love these shoes with the lace detailing, they are also really comfy.
Still available on ASOS
I actually bought this backpack in a store near me, but I wanted to include it in the haul. I wasn't sure about its quality since it only costed me about 20 euros, but I think the faux leather looks good for the low price and I also
like the paisley print on the inside! You can fit a good amount of stuff in it although it's rather little. It goes with
everything though.
(I know this is not a fashion item but I wanted to include it anyway) How cute is
this green roses frame? It looks so elegant on my shelf and the roses are more
detailed than I expected them to be. The green is pale enough to go with everything.
Still available on ASOS


Work: Charity Work in a Retirement Home

Recently I've started to do some charity work in a retirement home. I knew I enjoyed working with the elderly when I did so about three years ago, so I decided to do it once again because it's also a nice experience for the Psychology studies I want to start in autumn. I also feel like I'm doing something worthwhile and senseful.

I'm working for four hours on three days a week. It's a good rate because the job is emotionally demanding although the people and the staff are absolutely sweet.
Nonetheless one is confronted with death, sickness (I find dementia the hardest to deal with - and seeing family members nearly not being recognized by some of the residents breaks my heart sometimes), the moods of everyone (Although occasionally being in a bad mood is understandable for me. I would hate living in a place that's not my home, with people that are strangers to me and to whom I have to explain everything, my habits, for instance. These moods occur no matter how long the residents have been living there, every day is like a restart though.)
Before you start thinking that working in a retirement home is the worst job on earth, let me tell you: It's not. I said it's worthwhile before and it is. Why? Because the time you spend with the people isn't lost time, not at all. If it's a smile, if it's a "Thank you" I get back, a stroke on the cheek or on my arm, a laugh or a life story, it always feels like a little present to me.
Today, for example, I didn't stop smiling because we cut out easter eggs we want to use as a window decoration, went to the market to buy flowers for the tables and then, at midday, when I fed the woman I usually give food to, she said "I thank you". I honestly felt like a child who just got a new toy, haha. It took about one and a half months for her to talk to me. Patience is the key word in this case.
Additionally, the elderly do have interesting stuff to tell. I think it's great to learn about life, how it was back then, the difficulties they had to deal with, what everyone did for a living (one of the residents is a professor who also wrote a book or another one lived in Paris for two years). They can tell history.

P.S.: Also there's a cute as button bunny I am taking care of. I love the little fluff ball.


Explore: Short Trip to Paris

Before you read this post, I feel like telling you something. (If you solely care about Paris, then skip this part, please)
We've arrived on Sunday and I had a really bad feeling in my guts. I made it til Monday morning, but then my panic scale was right on top and I couldn't imagine spending one more minute in Paris. Let's not talk about the trigger for my terrible uncomfortableness - because I know nothing about it (like Jon Snow, aha, okay, it's really not the time for jokes right now) - but I guess acting like everything went the way it was supposed to would have just ruined the nice impressions I got during my short stay in Paris and not help anybody. I spent this week dwelling on things because I really was angry with me and my mind as there are so many people who can travel to a different country (besides, France really isn't that different to Germany when it comes to food etc.), people I know who spend a year abroad as an AuPair and I envy them so much for not freaking out (about seven days away from home!). I'm going to work on it and some day, return to Paris and see all its wonderfulness without a weird feeling in my stomach.
I thought a lot about whether to share the fact that my boyfriend and I were supposed to spend seven days in the city of love. Evidently this blog is a personal one and I write a lot about my thoughts and feelings, but I think there also is a border between which things you share with possibly the whole world (Interwebs!) and which ones you keep for yourself. But since a lot of people nowadays deal with mental issues, I decided to share it with you anyway. Maybe some of you can draw positive advice for themselves out of my experience (for instance: Don't let others pressure you to do something you're clearly not comfortable with or sure about. You don't need to prove yourself to anyone, take your steps in time.)

On to Paris! I can't quite capture the feeling I had about Paris in words, but let me try: I totally like London or Dublin better. It might be due to the English language with which I'm obsessed, or the popularity of tea (instead of coffee in France). Nonetheless, Paris is absolutely breathtaking. Parisian life carries a special vibe to it and I found it great to see how relaxed people sat on benches or at the Canal St. Martin with beer or wine and chatted away with their friends. Some even played the guitar or played cards. I also realized how many immigrants actually live in Paris (which isn't surprising as our rented apartment was situated right in Belleville - the quarter of immigrants, ha) and it occured to me for the first time that it must be completely impossible for everyone to find work - let alone the fact that probably not everyone has sufficient education. I'm really glad that I'm not living in a metropole (and I will never complain about Stuttgart being so huge, ha) because I also felt pretty insignificant. Oh well, I guess one has to be made for city life. I'm more of a country person that likes living close to a bigger city for some urban escapes.
What I didn't expect to be delighted about was Parisian fashion. I've always thought that the women we see in fashion magazines were the exception and that nearly no one actually walked around like that. Big fail, Sarah, big fail! I was absolutely blown away. I like fashion in general (although I don't see how some fashion trends became trends you're supposed to wear), yet I don't live in a surroundings were dressing like that wouldn't come across as overdone. So I just leave it be. Living in Munich would make a difference, for example. Enough from me, I hope you enjoy the few pictures I took on our Sunday stroll through Paris! I myself am not as content with them because I took them rather in a hurry and therefore the frames aren't always lucky. (But I'm hoping that I am my worst critic in this case.)
Loved the street art!
Canal St. Martin was my favourite.

In case you want to see more, check out Flickr!


Think: Reasons Why the following Bits and Bobs are Overrated

Unbenannt #2

Disclaimer: Reading the following post, please keep in mind that this is only my opinion. I don't want to offend you with my views, it's obviously possible that you might completely disagree with me and that's fine! (You can give me reasons in the comment section below, controversial issues are amazing to discuss ;)
P.S.: Writing this I realized I could devote a post to pretty much every issue I've named, so I tried to focus on the main aspects, please forgive me the fragmentariness.

An issue of my favourite magazine contained a survey about things people find overrated. I asked myself the same question, so here we go:

Apple. I love apples I can eat. But I hate Apple Products, seriously. I know tons of people who purchased an iPhone or Macbook because they thought it was cool and great and technically impeccable. Weeks later I heard them complaining about the Spiderweb App (a shattered screen) or malfunctions of the software. We're talking about weeks here. Of course there always are products in every range, Apple, Samsung, Asus etc. but the money you pay for an Apple product isn't justified. Out of the experience of my acquaintances, it doesn't seem better (nor worse) to me than "cheaper" products. Also I feel like too many people buy Apple products solely for the hyped name.
I'm sorry to all the Apple lovers out there. I used to have smartphones my Nokia, Samsung and now Sony and I dropped them basically every day at some unattentive point. But a Spiderweb App has never caused any trouble.

Breaking Bad. I literally forced myself to watch the first season and the second one (because I knew there was a love story - yet I couldn't quite get into it because it was over so fast) because I wanted to understand the exceptionality of this series. I was open to any twists the story might have.  But I was disappointed. I was so bored during the episodes I slept in several times. Skylar drove me nuts and I hated her from the beginning and then my hate for her grew stronger and stronger. There's nothing exciting in the plot, nothing that would give me a reason to go on watching until the end. (And now there's "Better Call Saul", I guess the producers are hoping to tie on Breaking Bad's success with this adaption and the story behind the lawyer who helps Walter White and Jesse Pinkman with their drug business.)

eBooks. I wonder, who has brought this disgrace of literature to life? I get the concept of making literature accessible for people with less money they could spend on books (because we know how much cheaper eBooks are) and I think that's senseful. How much of a book am I reading though when I'm holding a tablet-like eBook reader in my hands? There's the words and that's it. The pages don't exist, I can't turn them over, they don't smell, they don't feel characteristical for a good, old book, they are digital content. They make me feel like one of the robots I see on public transport, deeply concentrated on their smartphone, laptop, eBook. Argh. Apparently eBooks need less space in our bags, but nobody is normally carrying around a novel with a thousand pages unless they just bought it, so the weight difference really isn't that great.
Progress is unstoppable, but society should really question how positive it is for our living standard. At some point, everything might be digitalized and cyber terrorism (which will be a huge issue in the future, I bet on it) will just have to push a button on our weak spot to cause a black out. (There's a book about this scenario called "Blackout" by Marc Elsberg. I'm gonna read it. Whilst holding the book with the real pages in my hands.

Fast Food. Before I start rambling about it, let me clarify something: I love my fast food, too. I like Chinese takeaway, frozen pizza, occasionally go to McDonald's because yeah, it's comfortable to not stand in the kitchen for half an hour after a busy day, lay back and wait until your food is warmed up. And I don't have an issue with it since we all know those days, but fast food should be consumed every now and then. What's the reason - besides a lack of motion (please note that this complaint excludes people who suffer from overweight due to illnesses they aren't responsible for) - for all these children weighing as much as two healthy
children together.
It's a huge danger for their health in the future when parents don't pay enough attention to their children's nutrition (again, I'm not a parent, I'm simply observing them), sometimes even willingly buying them several packages of crisps, lollipops, popcorn, ice cream etc. etc.? Parents who take their growing-ups to McDonald's 3/7 days a week? How are these children supposed to cook themselves healthier food that doesn't damage their body as much and sucks out their energy (as greasier food needs more ATP to be digested) as adults when their parents didn't act as role models and basically taught them how to nourish themselves? With fast food. Each day.

Google Translate. Admittedly, Google Translate really does help when you're in a foreign country where only few people can speak English and you need help locating through a city or ordering in a restaurant. Because Google Translate is a translator that provides whole sentences instead of solely words. Coming to the "solely words" part, I think it's horrid and would recommend translators like dict.cc or LEO. Why? Well, don't ask me why I typed this in since it's such an easy English word, but I wanted to know the plural ("bubbles") of the German word for "bubbles" (so I typed in "Blasen" with a capital B!). The outcome was "blowjob". Sure, "blowjob" is a synonym, but it doesn't even get near the actual meaning. How can a translator ignore the common meanings? (I've just checked what the outcome is today and now we have the verb "blow" as a result, too, but I typed in a noun. So how can a noun become a verb? It can't, right.) To get back to answering the question why dict.cc or Leo are better: because they give you all the synonyms, from verbs to adjectives to nouns to sayings and anything related with little annotations about the use and you can pick out the one word that suits best what you want to say.


Live: February Favourites

1) Hella Broerken - Paris-Spaziergänge (via Amazon). This book/travel guide has helped me so much whilst planning my trip to Paris (only one week to go, hell yeah!). It's not your typical 0815 guide, Miss Broerken also wrote about walks you can take far away from the regular tourists who go for the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum. Of course I also included these sides of Paris into my planning, I just think it'll be nice to also see the more muted, more rural side of the metropol (as far as that's possible).

2) Carmex Lip Balm in Pomegranate. I've spent ages looking for a well moisturizing, not too expensive lip balm that works well with any lip products I might add on top. Honestly, the scent is something you have to like and sometimes I feel like my lips are beginning to slightly burn after I applied one coat, but I think that's due to the ultimate freshness of this balm. I own the Burt's Bees Lip Balm in Pomegranate as well, yet I must say that Carmex works better (at least for me).

3) p2 8in1 Nail Wonder. It's definitely debatable whether this polish is a nail wonder or not - it claims to work as a top coat, nail hardener, colour refresher, lack sealer, quick dryer, groove filler, UV protector and anti-splinter. I purchased it ages ago and felt like it took way too long to dry so I left it in my box. Until recently, when I tried it again because all of my other top and base coats were empty and I hate not using up stuff, it takes up space and would have been wasted money. Meanwhile - maybe it's magically changed its formula (claims to be a wonder, right?) - it works just fine! I would even suggest it dries quicker than any other polish I own.

4) Manhattan Colour Splash Liquid Lip Tint in Soft Nude. My saviour! I like my lip sticks, but I hate how they make me avoid beverages or food because I don't want them to stick to anything and make my mouth look ridiculous. The great thing about this lip tint is that it's not sticky at all and it stays on for ages! No matter how much I drink or eat. Obviously it wears off with the time like any other product, but it still looks naturally, not like I was missing my lip stick and applied solely the lip liner. The colour also is fabulous for an average day.

5) AUX cable. I guess my boyfriend couldn't hear me complaining about the bad quality of my laptop's speakers as he spontaneously gave me this cable so I could connect my phone with my stereo and listen to my Spotify playlist. He clearly knows how to make me happy.

6) Artdeco Blusher in 23. Can you tell I dropped it, aha? I stole this one out of my mum's beauty drawer some time ago because the shade intrigued me. My guts proved me right - the blusher really emphasizes my cheek bones without looking overdone, more like a rosy blush I got from a walk outside. So it basically looks very natural and it harmonises with my hair colour. (I bought my mum a new one, btw.)

7) Paris Notebook. I bought myself the 456239765239857932th notebook because I couldn't resist the design. I wanted a notebook for all the tickets and cards and notes I would collect during my Paris trip and this design seemed like a perfect match.

8) What's one of your current favourite items?