Dress: ASOS Haul

Good evening, everybody! (Or good morning, depending on when you read this post.)
There are a few bits and pieces I've collected over the past days so I decided to share them in a post. Most of them should still be available so I'll link them below!
P.S.: You will notice I'm not the kind of blogger who enjoys posing in front of a camera, so this will have to do, I apologize!

I actually never expected that dots would suit me so I ordered this dress for
fun, but it turns out that I love this print! It's such a cute and playful dress!
And the fabric resembles neoprene, it feels really soft and not too stiff though.
Still available on ASOS
In the past year, I've grown to love flower prints, so I couldn't resist this blouse!
Still available on ASOS
Love these shoes with the lace detailing, they are also really comfy.
Still available on ASOS
I actually bought this backpack in a store near me, but I wanted to include it in the haul. I wasn't sure about its quality since it only costed me about 20 euros, but I think the faux leather looks good for the low price and I also
like the paisley print on the inside! You can fit a good amount of stuff in it although it's rather little. It goes with
everything though.
(I know this is not a fashion item but I wanted to include it anyway) How cute is
this green roses frame? It looks so elegant on my shelf and the roses are more
detailed than I expected them to be. The green is pale enough to go with everything.
Still available on ASOS

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