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Before you read this post, I feel like telling you something. (If you solely care about Paris, then skip this part, please)
We've arrived on Sunday and I had a really bad feeling in my guts. I made it til Monday morning, but then my panic scale was right on top and I couldn't imagine spending one more minute in Paris. Let's not talk about the trigger for my terrible uncomfortableness - because I know nothing about it (like Jon Snow, aha, okay, it's really not the time for jokes right now) - but I guess acting like everything went the way it was supposed to would have just ruined the nice impressions I got during my short stay in Paris and not help anybody. I spent this week dwelling on things because I really was angry with me and my mind as there are so many people who can travel to a different country (besides, France really isn't that different to Germany when it comes to food etc.), people I know who spend a year abroad as an AuPair and I envy them so much for not freaking out (about seven days away from home!). I'm going to work on it and some day, return to Paris and see all its wonderfulness without a weird feeling in my stomach.
I thought a lot about whether to share the fact that my boyfriend and I were supposed to spend seven days in the city of love. Evidently this blog is a personal one and I write a lot about my thoughts and feelings, but I think there also is a border between which things you share with possibly the whole world (Interwebs!) and which ones you keep for yourself. But since a lot of people nowadays deal with mental issues, I decided to share it with you anyway. Maybe some of you can draw positive advice for themselves out of my experience (for instance: Don't let others pressure you to do something you're clearly not comfortable with or sure about. You don't need to prove yourself to anyone, take your steps in time.)

On to Paris! I can't quite capture the feeling I had about Paris in words, but let me try: I totally like London or Dublin better. It might be due to the English language with which I'm obsessed, or the popularity of tea (instead of coffee in France). Nonetheless, Paris is absolutely breathtaking. Parisian life carries a special vibe to it and I found it great to see how relaxed people sat on benches or at the Canal St. Martin with beer or wine and chatted away with their friends. Some even played the guitar or played cards. I also realized how many immigrants actually live in Paris (which isn't surprising as our rented apartment was situated right in Belleville - the quarter of immigrants, ha) and it occured to me for the first time that it must be completely impossible for everyone to find work - let alone the fact that probably not everyone has sufficient education. I'm really glad that I'm not living in a metropole (and I will never complain about Stuttgart being so huge, ha) because I also felt pretty insignificant. Oh well, I guess one has to be made for city life. I'm more of a country person that likes living close to a bigger city for some urban escapes.
What I didn't expect to be delighted about was Parisian fashion. I've always thought that the women we see in fashion magazines were the exception and that nearly no one actually walked around like that. Big fail, Sarah, big fail! I was absolutely blown away. I like fashion in general (although I don't see how some fashion trends became trends you're supposed to wear), yet I don't live in a surroundings were dressing like that wouldn't come across as overdone. So I just leave it be. Living in Munich would make a difference, for example. Enough from me, I hope you enjoy the few pictures I took on our Sunday stroll through Paris! I myself am not as content with them because I took them rather in a hurry and therefore the frames aren't always lucky. (But I'm hoping that I am my worst critic in this case.)
Loved the street art!
Canal St. Martin was my favourite.

In case you want to see more, check out Flickr!

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