Live: February Favourites

1) Hella Broerken - Paris-Spaziergänge (via Amazon). This book/travel guide has helped me so much whilst planning my trip to Paris (only one week to go, hell yeah!). It's not your typical 0815 guide, Miss Broerken also wrote about walks you can take far away from the regular tourists who go for the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum. Of course I also included these sides of Paris into my planning, I just think it'll be nice to also see the more muted, more rural side of the metropol (as far as that's possible).

2) Carmex Lip Balm in Pomegranate. I've spent ages looking for a well moisturizing, not too expensive lip balm that works well with any lip products I might add on top. Honestly, the scent is something you have to like and sometimes I feel like my lips are beginning to slightly burn after I applied one coat, but I think that's due to the ultimate freshness of this balm. I own the Burt's Bees Lip Balm in Pomegranate as well, yet I must say that Carmex works better (at least for me).

3) p2 8in1 Nail Wonder. It's definitely debatable whether this polish is a nail wonder or not - it claims to work as a top coat, nail hardener, colour refresher, lack sealer, quick dryer, groove filler, UV protector and anti-splinter. I purchased it ages ago and felt like it took way too long to dry so I left it in my box. Until recently, when I tried it again because all of my other top and base coats were empty and I hate not using up stuff, it takes up space and would have been wasted money. Meanwhile - maybe it's magically changed its formula (claims to be a wonder, right?) - it works just fine! I would even suggest it dries quicker than any other polish I own.

4) Manhattan Colour Splash Liquid Lip Tint in Soft Nude. My saviour! I like my lip sticks, but I hate how they make me avoid beverages or food because I don't want them to stick to anything and make my mouth look ridiculous. The great thing about this lip tint is that it's not sticky at all and it stays on for ages! No matter how much I drink or eat. Obviously it wears off with the time like any other product, but it still looks naturally, not like I was missing my lip stick and applied solely the lip liner. The colour also is fabulous for an average day.

5) AUX cable. I guess my boyfriend couldn't hear me complaining about the bad quality of my laptop's speakers as he spontaneously gave me this cable so I could connect my phone with my stereo and listen to my Spotify playlist. He clearly knows how to make me happy.

6) Artdeco Blusher in 23. Can you tell I dropped it, aha? I stole this one out of my mum's beauty drawer some time ago because the shade intrigued me. My guts proved me right - the blusher really emphasizes my cheek bones without looking overdone, more like a rosy blush I got from a walk outside. So it basically looks very natural and it harmonises with my hair colour. (I bought my mum a new one, btw.)

7) Paris Notebook. I bought myself the 456239765239857932th notebook because I couldn't resist the design. I wanted a notebook for all the tickets and cards and notes I would collect during my Paris trip and this design seemed like a perfect match.

8) What's one of your current favourite items?

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