Think: Reasons Why the following Bits and Bobs are Overrated

Unbenannt #2

Disclaimer: Reading the following post, please keep in mind that this is only my opinion. I don't want to offend you with my views, it's obviously possible that you might completely disagree with me and that's fine! (You can give me reasons in the comment section below, controversial issues are amazing to discuss ;)
P.S.: Writing this I realized I could devote a post to pretty much every issue I've named, so I tried to focus on the main aspects, please forgive me the fragmentariness.

An issue of my favourite magazine contained a survey about things people find overrated. I asked myself the same question, so here we go:

Apple. I love apples I can eat. But I hate Apple Products, seriously. I know tons of people who purchased an iPhone or Macbook because they thought it was cool and great and technically impeccable. Weeks later I heard them complaining about the Spiderweb App (a shattered screen) or malfunctions of the software. We're talking about weeks here. Of course there always are products in every range, Apple, Samsung, Asus etc. but the money you pay for an Apple product isn't justified. Out of the experience of my acquaintances, it doesn't seem better (nor worse) to me than "cheaper" products. Also I feel like too many people buy Apple products solely for the hyped name.
I'm sorry to all the Apple lovers out there. I used to have smartphones my Nokia, Samsung and now Sony and I dropped them basically every day at some unattentive point. But a Spiderweb App has never caused any trouble.

Breaking Bad. I literally forced myself to watch the first season and the second one (because I knew there was a love story - yet I couldn't quite get into it because it was over so fast) because I wanted to understand the exceptionality of this series. I was open to any twists the story might have.  But I was disappointed. I was so bored during the episodes I slept in several times. Skylar drove me nuts and I hated her from the beginning and then my hate for her grew stronger and stronger. There's nothing exciting in the plot, nothing that would give me a reason to go on watching until the end. (And now there's "Better Call Saul", I guess the producers are hoping to tie on Breaking Bad's success with this adaption and the story behind the lawyer who helps Walter White and Jesse Pinkman with their drug business.)

eBooks. I wonder, who has brought this disgrace of literature to life? I get the concept of making literature accessible for people with less money they could spend on books (because we know how much cheaper eBooks are) and I think that's senseful. How much of a book am I reading though when I'm holding a tablet-like eBook reader in my hands? There's the words and that's it. The pages don't exist, I can't turn them over, they don't smell, they don't feel characteristical for a good, old book, they are digital content. They make me feel like one of the robots I see on public transport, deeply concentrated on their smartphone, laptop, eBook. Argh. Apparently eBooks need less space in our bags, but nobody is normally carrying around a novel with a thousand pages unless they just bought it, so the weight difference really isn't that great.
Progress is unstoppable, but society should really question how positive it is for our living standard. At some point, everything might be digitalized and cyber terrorism (which will be a huge issue in the future, I bet on it) will just have to push a button on our weak spot to cause a black out. (There's a book about this scenario called "Blackout" by Marc Elsberg. I'm gonna read it. Whilst holding the book with the real pages in my hands.

Fast Food. Before I start rambling about it, let me clarify something: I love my fast food, too. I like Chinese takeaway, frozen pizza, occasionally go to McDonald's because yeah, it's comfortable to not stand in the kitchen for half an hour after a busy day, lay back and wait until your food is warmed up. And I don't have an issue with it since we all know those days, but fast food should be consumed every now and then. What's the reason - besides a lack of motion (please note that this complaint excludes people who suffer from overweight due to illnesses they aren't responsible for) - for all these children weighing as much as two healthy
children together.
It's a huge danger for their health in the future when parents don't pay enough attention to their children's nutrition (again, I'm not a parent, I'm simply observing them), sometimes even willingly buying them several packages of crisps, lollipops, popcorn, ice cream etc. etc.? Parents who take their growing-ups to McDonald's 3/7 days a week? How are these children supposed to cook themselves healthier food that doesn't damage their body as much and sucks out their energy (as greasier food needs more ATP to be digested) as adults when their parents didn't act as role models and basically taught them how to nourish themselves? With fast food. Each day.

Google Translate. Admittedly, Google Translate really does help when you're in a foreign country where only few people can speak English and you need help locating through a city or ordering in a restaurant. Because Google Translate is a translator that provides whole sentences instead of solely words. Coming to the "solely words" part, I think it's horrid and would recommend translators like dict.cc or LEO. Why? Well, don't ask me why I typed this in since it's such an easy English word, but I wanted to know the plural ("bubbles") of the German word for "bubbles" (so I typed in "Blasen" with a capital B!). The outcome was "blowjob". Sure, "blowjob" is a synonym, but it doesn't even get near the actual meaning. How can a translator ignore the common meanings? (I've just checked what the outcome is today and now we have the verb "blow" as a result, too, but I typed in a noun. So how can a noun become a verb? It can't, right.) To get back to answering the question why dict.cc or Leo are better: because they give you all the synonyms, from verbs to adjectives to nouns to sayings and anything related with little annotations about the use and you can pick out the one word that suits best what you want to say.

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